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By Daniel Hart
Published: December 18, 2019 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Netflix series Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 5 - Track 5: Dante and Annette


Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 5, “Track 5: Dante and Annette” focuses on the difficulty of leaving the past behind and Dante’s relationship with his mother.

This recap of Netflix series Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 5, “Track 5: Dante and Annette” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Soundtrack Episode 5 opens up with Dante, getting out of bed, and then it breaks into “Real Life” by The Weeknd. Dante is pondering over his ex. He’s helping the school with soccer practice and Annette is checking up on him and his boss Moses at work.

Sam is ready to forgive; he says it’s okay for Dante to be around Barry. Dante initially refuses, but Sam and Barry want to help him with his grief. Sam is also worried about Dante’s friendship with Carver and asks him to stay away from old friends.

When they arrive back home, Dante takes Barry upstairs, but there’s a stranger in his house who is wondering why his sister has been arrested. He blames it on Dante and his old crew and threatens him. The man is called Cliff. Dante makes out Cliff is a friend to not make it into an ordeal. In the next scene, Sam has an opportunity to write a song for a publisher and Dante offers to look after Barry.

Episode 5, “Track 5: Dante and Annette” then moves to Annette, who is checking up on Dante again. Her day job is a manager at a restaurant. There is a risk that the restaurant will be sold, but the owner assures her that it will still be okay. Anette breaks into “Take It To The Limit” by the Eagles.

At the restaurant, she speaks to Leah’s guidance counsellor. The counsellor claims she doesn’t know who her daughter is; she wants to see initiative, individuality and that she’s at risk of not going to a good college. Barry’s soccer coach Moses comes to the restaurant to ask her out. She stubbornly says yes, after a lot of game playing between them both.

Episode 5 then goes back to Dante who breaks into “We Find Love” by Daniel Caesar while sitting in his car smoking weed. Again, it’s clear he is not over his ex and he’s sat outside her house. Sam checks up on him again, and it’s clear he’s in a bad place. When he returns home, Dante sees Leah prepping her mother for the date. Annette asks Leah to go out and have fun because it’s Saturday.

When Annette leaves, Dante asks Leah why she’s in her pyjamas. She says she’s too busy with school work and then asks Dante how he survived in prison. He admits it was way simpler inside.

The siblings decide to go to the arcade together. While Leah is walking around the arcade, Cliff approaches her. Dante asks him to back off before punching him and running off with Leah.

On the date, Annette asks Moses how the restaurant’s bathroom is; it’s the same company that is about to buy her restaurant. Moses reveals why he quit the police force — he was wounded badly by a gun. Annette talks about how much Dante has withdrawn for himself and wishes that he was not released early — she struggles to sleep well. Overall, the date goes well. When Anette goes home, both Dante and Annette are asleep.

It’s Soundtrack’s mashup time for Track 5. Annette is a little irked that Dante has been added to the family WhatsApp group by Leah. Annette then goes to work and announces that the restaurant is going through a sale; she felt they had the right to know before it becomes official. Moses has a proposition for Dante and asks him if he wants to move out, but he does not react well.

On his way home, Dante’s old crew ask him for a chat. They tell him about Cliff following Carver home and they think he has an agenda against their gang. Dante refuses to get involved, but then his old crew threaten him, give him a gun and tell him that he owes them a favour. Dante insists he owes them nothing.

Back at home, Annette rips up Leah’s schoolwork and tells her to go out and have fun. At the same moment, Annette finds out that Dante went to the arcade with Leah and it turns into an argument. Annette tells Leah that Dante has not changed and grabs a small pack of drugs from his coat.

In a shocking moment in Episode 5, Leah screams — Barry is pointing a gun at Leah believing it is a toy. Dante calmly takes the gun off Barry saying it is not a toy. Annette is furious and starts telling Leah and Moses what type of man Dante is; how his past has constantly put them in danger. Dante begs his mother not to throw him out.

Soundtrack Season 1, Episode 5, “Track 5: Dante and Annette” closes with Annette telling Dante that she does not care anymore and bursts into “Good Luck” by Basement Jaxx while Dante breaks into “Blood // Water” by Grandson. Dante is kicked out, and it shows Annette struggling to sleep.

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