You Recap: But Whatever Comes, We’ll Get Through It, Together

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 26, 2019 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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Netflix Series You Season 2, Episode 5 - Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!


You Season 2, Episode 5, “Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!” presents Joe’s real problem for the second season as Candace shows up.

This recap of Netflix Series You Season 2, Episode 5, “Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!” contains significant spoilers.

Joe’s (Penn Badgley) real problem has now surfaced in Episode 5, “Have a Good Wellkend Joe!”.

But Joe is happy with Love, and he is ready to meet her parents as well. Love gives Joe a stark warning about her parents and suggests they create a signal for each other — it’s “I love you” in a platonic way. Joe confesses to the audience that he loves her in a non-platonic way already. Joe has already researched her parents on social media. They’ll be heading to her parent’s 30th Wedding Anniversary at Wellkend, a place where people can focus on their wellness.

Meanwhile, police investigators turn up at Delilah’s house in Episode 5, “Have a Good Wellkend Joe!”. They want to speak to her about Henderson’s suicide. Delilah asks Ellie if she was at Henderson’s the night he died. Ellie asks Delilah about the photos and claims she does not believe her sister about what Henderson did.

Joe is introduced to Love’s father and mother Ray and Dottie at the Wellkend, and then Forty introduces his new girlfriend Amy, and Joe realizes it is Candace. Joe and Candace immediately spar mentally. A flashback shows Candace gagged and tied up — she tried to escape and he hurts her badly.

Episode 5 heats up as Joe speaks to Candace at the bar and asks why she is here. Candace explains that she saw a post on Henderson’s social media site and Joe was in one of the photos; she vows to protect Forty and his family from Joe — Joe believes he now needs to protect Forty from Candace. Joe then smokes weed with Love’s mother Dottie — she goes into great detail about her vagina and sex. Joe senses it is a test and tells Dottie that Love is the most amazing woman he has ever met. Meanwhile, Forty keeps trying to impress his parents.

The group partakes in wellness rituals; Forty says he wants a film to reach Sundance. Candance expresses her wish about traveling to Italy — a lifelong dream. Joe is irked because she’s already been to Italy; he enters the circle as part of the ritual and hugs Candance. She gets flashbacks where she was digging herself out of the dirt — she was buried. Joe tries to talk to her privately — he gives Candace her knife back and tells her to kill him. She says she cannot do it.

Love noticed at the ritual that Candace was acting strange so approaches her. Candace opens up and tells Love about a man she had a bad experience with — Love says it sounds like trauma. Candace changes the conversation and asks Love how she and Joe met. During their back and forth, Candance trips up about the production work she is going to do with Forty.

Forty tries to talk to his father Ray again and Joe backs him on the idea, but his father dismisses them, saying he is not going to give him a penny. Love tells Joe she caught Candace in a lie and wonders why Joe has been off. Joe needs a cover so he tells Love that her family is insane and that Forty is now off to Taco Bell after falling out with his father. Love starts an argument with Joe and storms off to try and stop Forty — apparently, he eats Taco Bell before relapsing.

Back in LA, the man Delilah is sleeping with, the police officer, asks for the photos — they aren’t there. Delilah asks Joe where Ellie is and Joe uses the spyware to let her know her sister’s location.

At the halfway point of Episode 5 “Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!” Joe apologises to Love and offers to find Forty. He finds him smoking drugs. Love starts her wedding anniversary speech but when she sees Joe bring back Forty, she diverts from the original speech — her romantic speech is about her and Joe. Forty then gets up and starts giving a speech that is not nice to his parents, so Love has to drag him away. In one of the tents, Love’s mother tells Love that she has failed to protect her brother. Love calls her mother a hypocrite — in return, her mother slaps her.

Joe speaks to Love privately and explains that his father hit him all the time. Love delves deeper into how the au pair abused Forty when they were children — Forty felt like it was a relationship. Her parents caught them and fired the au pair. Soon after, the au pair killed herself and it has eaten away at Forty ever since. Joe says he will do everything to help her, together. In his head, Joe explains to the audience that he does not believe he has been in love before — it was infatuation, but it’s love now. Joe tells Love that he loves her. Love says it back but wants to give it a word — “I wolf you”. I nearly threw up at this point.

Delilah finds Ellie and asks why she took the photos. Ellie admits that she believes her sister and apologizes. The sisters embrace, and Ellie suggests burning the photos so they do not end up on google.

Episode 5, “Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!” shows another flashback; the time when Candace went to the police and explains how she was buried by Joe. The police explain to Candace that she has no proof and she also has a rap sheet. The police officer advises that she should pretend to be dead. In the present day, Joe speaks to Candace again and reveals that he is no longer afraid of her anymore — she says she isn’t afraid of him either. Joe tries to explain that he never tried to kill her but Candace dismisses that — “murder has a way with you and you are not getting away with it”.

You Season 2, Episode 5, “Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!” closes with Delilah and Ellie cutting up the photos. She gives Ellie the last photo — it’s her. At the store, Forty reveals he has a new sponsor from AA. He talks about a book he is going to adapt with Candace — it’s Beck’s book. Forty then receives a message — they now think Henderson was murdered. Candace states they will find the murderer eventually because Henderson is a celebrity and then looks at Joe and says “murder has a way of following you”.

Disturbing Thoughts

  • “But whatever comes, we’ll get through it, together”.
  • “Enjoy it while it lasts”.
  • “Wellness is exhausting”.

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