You Recap: I Have To Keep It Light For You

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 26, 2019 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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You Season 2, Episode 6 - Farewell, My Bunny


You Season 2, Episode 6, “Farewell, My Bunny” sees Joe at war with Candace, with secrets at risk of being leaked.

This recap of Netflix Series You Season 2, Episode 6, “Farewell, My Bunny” contains significant spoilers. 

Episode 6 is practically a war between Joe (Penn Badgley) and Candace as they race to figure each other out. The story gets more and more bonkers. When you believe it can’t get any more ridiculous and entertaining, it pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

Episode 6, “Farewell, My Bunny” opens up with Henderson’s funeral. Joe is irritated that Candace is still around — he calls it a war. Love’s friend involves Joe in a totems game — if you find seven totems you have to stay in LA.

After the funeral, Love experiences a flashback while at work — it’s her wedding anniversary with her deceased husband. Her husband was deaf and she learned sign language. In the present day, she cries — she misses him.

Joe tries convincing himself that what he and Candace had was not real. At the same time, he has figured out how to predict Forty’s social life based on his social media. Joe then follows Candace (as he has a free day) but he loses her. On the way back to his apartment, Joe helps Delilah with a burn from a curling iron — Delilah tells Joe that she saw him at Henderson’s memorial- – she’s hurt that the public see Henderson as a hero.

Can I just say that the way Joe thinks must be overwhelmingly exhausting — he flits from one thought to another, and then proactively stalks people at the same time.

Episode 6, “Farewell, My Bunny” sees Forty going full speed ahead on the production of his film with Candace and gets Joe to sign a production sheet. Joe asks for Candace’s address so he can fill it in. Joe investigates possible addresses immediately, but then senses a plainclothes cop or a private investigator following him.

Running late for a date with Love, Joe notices that Love is talking to the cop or PI. Love is blatantly angry about Joe being late, and then after he tries apologizing, she tells him that she’s hired a private detective called Alec. She’s hired him to investigate Candace. Joe questions it, but she says she’s not going to apologize for protecting her family. She snaps and then remembers how she and her ex-husband James argued about borrowing money from her parents so they can have a baby. Love apologizes to Joe, recognizing that it is too much. Meanwhile, Forty has managed to secure a one hundred grand investment in his film.

At the midway point of Episode 6, “Farewell, My Bunny” Candace checks out Joe’s apartment. Delilah notices Candace is trying to break in, but Candace manages to blag the situation, explaining that Joe is an ex and that she is trying to get a pair of earrings back. Delilah offers to look for her and while she does, Candace unlocks a window so she can break in later. PI Alec rings Love about what he saw.

Word spreads quickly, as Elie tells Joe that Candace came around looking for earrings. Joe thinks he needs a plan now that Candace has crossed the line. He heads out to what he believes is Candace’s home, but when he enters the house, he is knocked out cold by someone. This isn’t Candace’s home, he’s tied up by another woman who is seemingly into being a dominatrix.

Meanwhile, Candace is entering Joe’s home but is shocked to see Love waiting for her. Love knows she is really called Candace Stone. Candace tells Love everything, that Will is actually called Joe and gives her an envelope. Meanwhile, Joe is in a bad place with this woman who keeps asking why he entered her home. She finds the rope and the tape in his bag; Joe makes out it was a sexual bondage plan with Candace (Candace has rented a room in this house). The woman tells Joe he is not fit for rape fantasies and frees him.

Joe returns home and Love has baked him something — Joe finds it disgusting and Love admits she used salt. She gives him the envelope and there’s a photo of Candace and Joe inside. He immediately admits that his name is Joe and that he used to date Candace. Love asks for the truth. Joe tells her Candace is the reason he left New York — he wanted to be free because she’s crazy. Love tells Joe that she has sent Candace away with money. Joe looks like he may have got away with it, but then she breaks up with him. Love then goes to cook in the restaurant — she experiences a flashback where James tells her that he is going to die; he kept it from her.

Joe is now considering life without Love — he tries to quit his bookstore job but Forty refuses to let him resign. Forty advises him to give Love space — he likes having Joe around. When Joe returns to his apartment, Ellie asks Joe to help Delilah and walks off. Joe enters Delilah’s apartment, and she is trying to create an exposé article on Henderson. Joe tries to comfort her with a hug and Delilah kisses him — “I just want to feel good again”. Joe agrees and they have sex. Joe tells Delilah that she should tell her story.

You Season 2, Episode 6, “Farewell, My Bunny” ends with Joe finding justifications in his head to stay in LA — he imagines seven totems that he has found since arriving and agrees to stay.

This man could justify anything to himself.

Disturbing Thoughts

  • “A bunny boiler is what she is”.
  • “I have to keep it light for you”
  • “We have a date with destiny”
  • “Murdered by an unhinged dominatrix”
  • “I will just go back to loving you from a distance”

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