Ozark season 3, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Su Casa Es Mi Casa”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 27, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Ozark season 3, episode 6 - Su Casa Es Mi Casa


Ozark Season 3, Episode 6, “Su Cas Es Mi Casa” shows all the characters at a crossroads as a new threat is lingering around the corner.

This recap of Netflix Series Ozark season 3, episode 6, “Su Casa Es Mi Casa” contains significant spoilers.

Ozark Season 3, Episode 6, “Su Casa Es Mi Casa” opens up in dramatic circumstances. Marty and Wendy attend a therapy session; it’s clear that they are both at odds with each other — Wendy says she is terrified while Marty assures her they are safe. When the argument boils over, the therapist reveals that they are both bribing her. And then it spills over; Marty reveals he has listened to Wendy’s calls, Wendy accuses Marty of being jealous. Marty then leaves it on a knife-edge by suggesting Wendy killed Cade — they both blow up at each other. Marty then reminds the therapist Sue of patient confidentiality — she wants money to keep quiet. Wendy tells Marty to leave the house.

That was probably one of the best explosive starts for Ozark and shows Marty and Wendy at a true breaking point.

Wendy tells Helen that she and Marty are spending time apart. Helen says she hopes they are not breaking up. Darlene then heads over to complicate things further — she tells Helen that she has replanted her crops and wants back. Helen accuses Darlene of being out of her mind. Darlene argues that Helen owes her but Helen disagrees, threatens her and asks her to leave.

Darlene has tentatively made herself a threat again.

Marty heads to the casino office and speaks to Maya about his fight with Wendy. She gives him a confession letter and asks Marty to sign. Marty says he needs to speak to Wendy first but then he manipulates her and says he does not trust Maya yet. Maya claims she is not an Evans or Petty. Matty reiterates his point, stating he cannot trust Maya until she can prove it.

He’s doing all he can to turn her.

It blows over with the kids as well. Charlotte tells Erin that it’s a bad idea meeting Tommy all the time but Erin blows that idea off, saying Tommy is nice to her. Tommy forces Jonah to smoke weed before getting out a gun and randomly shooting at the floor. Jonah tells Erin to leave so Tommy calls him a p***y. He tells Jonah to use the gun and hit all 3 beer bottles — Jonah successfully shoots each target. A frustrated, childish Tommy then points the gun at Jonah but then luckily the cops arrive.

Wendy and Marty head to the police station; Wendy asks Marty where he is staying and he states near where Maya lives which makes Wendy scoff. Marty asks Charlotte why she didn’t leave the situation with Tommy, she had a Van. Helen then has a go at Wendy regarding the situation but Wendy coldly tells Helen that her daughter is not an angel.

Ozark Season 3, Episode 6, “Su Casa Es Mi Casa” then progresses Ruth and Ben’s story as they seem to be blossoming a romance; Ruth tells Ben not to worry so much, and that she’ll handle the issues. They kiss and head into the bedroom to have sex. Ben cannot get an erection and she asks if he is okay. Ben states it is not her and that he has drunk too much — Ruth is clearly disappointed. Later on, Wendy is furious with Ben for flushing his medication. Ben tells Wendy that he likes Ruth and that the meds take a lot away from him. Wendy tells him that Ruth is a great asset to them and insists that he sorts his s*** out.

This is clearly going to end in tears.

Wendy then tells Ruth not to date her brother and reveals that Ben has bipolar. Wendy wants Ben to level himself in a very narrow window they have left. Wendy explains how Ben can be dangerous when he explodes and his judgment is impaired. It’s evident that the story is hinting that Ben may jeopardize the family with the cartel.

Three heads to Ruth’s place and tells her something weird is going on between Darlene and Wyatt and thinks they are f***ing each other. Ruth heads over to Darlene’s house and Wyatt comes to the door. She tearfully asks Wyatt to come home. Wyatt tells her he is not coming back — he has a good home and a good job and he is happy now. He states that Ruth killed his father and ruined his life after Ruth warns him about Darlene.

As we reach near the end, Marty believes someone is following him — Helen claims it is not her team. Helen arranges someone to pick Marty up and take him home.

Ruth goes to Wendy’s house and asks for Ben. She heads into the base and tells Ben she does not care about the sex, she just wants to talk. Ruth opens up to Ben about Wyatt and cries — this leads to kissing and they have sex and this time Ben can perform, confirming he is still not taking his meds.

Marty returns home and tells his family he is being followed and that no-one can leave the house — they all have to stay up. The family plays board games as tensions are heightened. Wendy reveals at the table that they are opening up a charity. Marty goes to sleep in the loft and dismisses Wendy’s olive branch to join her in bed.

The next morning, Helen gives the all-clear — Ben and Ruth enter the kitchen together and it is a little awkward. Wendy tells Marty that Ben is off his meds and Marty looks concerned.

Ozark Season 3, Episode 6, “Su Casa Es Mi Casa” closes with Ben taking Jonah out to use the drone to see if Ruth is safe. Ruth goes to her drop off with Frank’s men who purposefully drive a little away from her so she has to work. As Ben is using the drone, he realizes that there are SUVs heading to Ruth’s location and rings her — he tells Ruth to run. Men get out of the SUVs and shoot Tommy and the men before burning the drop off and causing the van to explode.

It can only be one thing — the cartel war.

Sherrif’s Diary

  • Sam is irked by the FBI agents at the casino while purposefully losing money.
  • Frank Jr is fuming at the damage at his car and threatens Ruth.
  • Tommy is working for FBI agent Evans. Will explains his interest in Erin.
  • Darlene heads to the Sherrif’s office and asks him to help her sling dope. He says he needs time. Darlene gives him three months and tells him that there will be no more protecting the Byrde family.
  • Marty helps Maya with carrying her laundry. Maya complains about her morning sickness and she tells him she’s due in 6 weeks and wants him to be safe before then.
  • Helen asks Erin why she likes Tommy so much. She sarcastically replies ‘because he has a big d***. Helen grounds her.

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