Ozark season 3, episode 7 recap – what happened in “In Case of Emergency”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 27, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Ozark season 3, episode 7 - In Case of Emergency - Netflix Series


Ozark Season 3, Episode 7, “In Case of Emergency” sees tensions heighten as the cartel war bleeds into the Ozarks and our characters responding to it.

This recap of Netflix Series Ozark season 3, episode 7, “In Case of Emergency” contains significant spoilers.

Everything is slowly falling apart in Ozark Season 3, Episode 7, “In Case of Emergency”. A lot happens, so let’s break it down.

It begins with the FBI interviewing Ruth about the attack on Frank’s men — Helen is representing her as her lawyer. Ruth deflects the questions. Marty meets Frank and he explains that his boss is in a cartel war and that they don’t usually cross the border — Marty asks for cool heads as Frank fumes.

The FBI reckons Ruth was at the scene of the attack where money was left. Evans wonders why Ruth is protecting Marty so much and never her father. Ruth tells Evans that plenty of people wanted her father dead. Evans flips it back and wonders why Ruth never checked the status of the murder investigation of her father. The interview stops for Ruth, and Ben tells her they should leave the town — Ruth disagrees.

Ruth then asks Ben if he’s okay as he seems out of sorts. Ruth asks should she be worried about him stopping the medication. A disgruntled Ben explains that he has spent most of his life off meds. He is clearly annoyed at Wendy revealing his secret — he’s a ticking time bomb.

Helen receives a call and it is for Wendy. Navarro asks Wendy why she did not pick up the phone and also asks what she is going to do about the FBI situation. Wendy says she and Marty are the brand that legitimizes his business and that Navarro needs her for protection and the extension of his business. Navarro tells her to answer the phone next time.

Ben tells Jonah and Charlotte that they need to get off the grid and go to Canada as the cartel will be after them. Jonah tries convincing him that no-one saw them and that no-one is coming after them. Wendy speaks to Ben about his plans to leave with a soft, kind voice, recommending that he and Ruth go on separate routes. Ben questions her sincerity and thinks she’s lying. Wendy gets frustrated and tells Ben that he put her son in danger. Ben questions that, claiming she has put her family in danger every day.

He’s got a point.

Marty is then interviewed by the FBI in “In Case of Emergency” and he is asked how much he knows about the men who died in the attack. Marty then learns that Tommy was a CI and that he is now a murder suspect.

At a brutal halfway point of Ozark Season 3, Episode 7, “In Case of Emergency”, Frank Jr assaults Ruth brutally as she walks home — she ends up in the hospital with internal bleeding. Ben, Marty and Wendy head up to the hospital

Frank tells Marty that Frank Jr made a mistake because he was upset and that it won’t happen again. Marty tells Frank to put his house in order as Tommy was a CI. Marty threatens Frank and drives off.

It’s hilarious how Marty threatens people when he barely shows any aggression or violence towards people. He’s just good with words.

Maya asks Marty what happened — Marty tells Maya that she and Evans may as well have beat Ruth up themselves by getting too involved. Maya says until Marty is straight with her, she’s going to keep going after him.

It’s hard to see how Marty will turn this FBI agent around at this point.

Maya tells Wendy that Marty will never get a better offer. Maya wants Wendy to push Marty into accepting the deal. Wendy then asks Maya if she knows that convicted felons cannot own a casino license in Missouri and then says “thanks for stopping by”. Wendy knows how to serve cold lines sometimes.

As we near the end, Wendy and Marty visit Ruth. Ruth wants Marty and Wendy to kill Frank Jr — Wendy explains that killing him is not a solution and they have it in hand. Ruth is emotional, saying she will kill Frank Jr herself — Marty and Wendy dismiss that idea.

Ozark Season 3, Episode 7, “In Case of Emergency” ends with Wyatt visiting Ruth and apologizing for not seeing her in the hospital. He blames the Byrdes for the curse and that they changed everything. Ruth says she has not changed but asks Wyatt, “What now?”. He says he does not know.

Sherrif’s Diary

  • Jonah shows Charlotte the drone footage and doesn’t want his parents to know. Doesn’t want Ben to be in trouble.
  • Helen asks Marty to speed up getting Maya on his side.
  • Marty and Wendy’s therapist comes over with an expensive car to check up on them.
  • Frank Jr confronts Ruth and thinks she killed his friends and that’s why she switched locations.
  • Erin asks her mother Helen why the FBI is questioning Charlotte’s dad. She’s upset about Tommy and his friends. Helen suggests she goes back to Chicago. Erin wants to stay.
  • Three heads over to Darlene’s and tells Wyatt that Ruth is in hospital and is pretty bad. Afterward, Darlene asks Wyatt what happened with him and Ruth. He tells her Ruth killed her father and her Uncle Boyd. Darlene tells Wyatt his qualms are with Marty Byrde.
  • Helen asks the therapist what financial relationship Marty and Wendy and her. Helen gets the therapist killed.
  • Maya confronts Sam at the casino about his losses and says she will be investigating his finances. Sam rings Marty about Maya. Marty reassures Sam that everything will be okay.
  • Ben speaks to Ruth on her hospital bed and asks if Frank Jr did this. She says she didn’t get a good look at her attacker.

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