Truth Be Told Recap: Closing The Case

December 27, 2019
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Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 6, “Not Buried, Planted” brings the investigation back to zero as Poppy considers dropping the case for good.

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Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 6, “Not Buried, Planted” brings the investigation back to zero as Poppy considers dropping the case for good.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 6, “Not Buried, Planted” contains significant spoilers.

Episode 6, “Not Buried, Planted” resets the story after the dramatic events at the end of the last episode. Poppy has no suspect, apart from Warren, who is already in prison. The episode opens up at Owen’s funeral; loads of police officers turn up — Poppy (Octavia Spencer) and Warren also. A young boy asks Warren if he is his brother. Poppy confronts Warren angrily after the funeral, explaining how there is a credible witness against him. Warren insists he did not kill Chuck and asks Poppy who she thinks is at fault for his father’s death. Journalists show up asking Poppy the same questions.

Poppy apologizes to Ingram and feels regret about reopening Warren’s story.

Episode 6, “Not Buried, Planted” moves to Josie; she orders room service and her partner Caleb shows up to her surprise. Poppy’s producer brings her old audio from a “true crime” auction, but Poppy says she is done — she cannot do this anymore and put more lives at risk.

Poppy records her new podcast episode with the intention of leaving the story behind; she puts Warren in a bad light again and plays the witness testimony. Meanwhile, Lanie finds out that her diary has been auctioned and sold.

Poppy’s sister comes over to support her after the Owen suicide. Her father also reconnects with her; Poppy seems to have her family back. Meanwhile, Josie confronts Lanie and has a go at her for ringing her partner. Lanie turns on Josie; accusing her of selling all their childhood stuff — Josie denies it. Marcus comes over and tells Poppy not to quit the podcast — there are too many unanswered questions.

Episode 6, “Not Buried, Planted” then turns on its head for Poppy. Her house has been broken into; the police come around to investigate. Poppy’s father heads over and he believes it has something to do with the podcast.

Poppy meets Warren and asks if he ordered someone to trash her house — Warren says he wishes he had. Poppy shows Warren Lanie’s book and asks him if he knows what it is. Warren says he used to head over to the Buhrman household because he was a kid with a crush. Poppy asks him what the code means in the book.

While analyzing the book with her producer and Ingram, Poppy figures out that Chuck was molesting Lanie by figuring out the code. Poppy puts the maths together — Lanie and Josie have a bad relationship with their mother due to what their father did. Meanwhile, at a dinner, Lanie tells Josie’s partner Caleb that when she was a child, Josie tried to smother her with a pillow. This was sneaky as we know it was the other way around.

Poppy meets Lanie in Episode 6 and asks for the truth; someone is lying or telling the truth about seeing Warren the night of the murder. Lanie claims she is not lying and tells Poppy to get out of the car. Poppy asks Lanie how long was her father abusing her. Lanie bursts into tears and says her mother got her through it.

Poppy now needs medical records; she asks Marcus how they can get Lanie’s medical history. Later that day, Poppy asks Ingram to host a dinner with his friend Tim who happens to have a wife who is a medical professional named Sharon. At the meal, Poppy asks Sharon if she could help retrieve Lanie’s medical records. Sharon is very uncomfortable and asks her husband Tim if they can go home. Ingram suspects that Poppy invited his friend Tim for dinner on purpose and he hits the roof. He says he is exhausted with the lies and knows that Poppy continuously has a laugh with Marcus. It’s clear Ingram is fed up with her job encroaching on their life.

Josie rings Lanie; she tells her Caleb has left her because he could not trust her. Lanie suggests staying at hers and Josie accepts. Lanie has finally got what she wanted.

As we near the end, Poppy continues recording her podcast — she says the case has taken her to places she didn’t think she could go. The question is “what scares me the most?”. Poppy looks back at Lanie’s interview tape with the police.

Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 6, “Not Buried, Planted” closes with Erin telling Lanie that she doesn’t realize what she has sacrificed for both of her daughters. Meanwhile, Poppy continues to look at the interview tape — “Why did you lie, Lanie? What were you hiding?”. Poppy looks at a photo of Erin.

Poppy feels she has a new lead.

Additional Evidence

  • Ingram asks Poppy why she never told him about when she was in foster care.
  • Warren is back in the gang system in prison.
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