Spinning Out Recap: Looking Out For Each Other

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 1, 2020 (Last updated: January 2, 2020)
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Netflix Series Spinning Out Season 1, Episode 10 - Kiss and Cry


Spinning Out Season 1, Episode 10, “Kiss and Cry” ends the story successfully, closing out some narratives and leaving some unopened for a potential second season.

This recap of Netflix Series Spinning Out Season 1, Episode 10, “Kiss and Cry” contains significant spoilers.

Spinning Out Season 1, Episode 10 had a lot of narrative strands to close, making it a rather flustered finale, but it still manages to bow out successfully.

Episode 10, “Kiss and Cry” opens with a flashback; a young Kat comforting her sister Serena about falling in the rink. In the present day, Serena (Willow Shields) rings Kat and asks where her mother is. Kat dismisses her sister. Jenn wakes up next to Kat — she stayed the night to give her friend support.

Carol is MIA, but that’s only because she has woken up next to another man — the client she has just won in her new realtor career. Mitch rings Carol and asks where she is. She lies and says she needed to help Kat.

Justin pays Mandy a visit in the hospital. Mandy and James have not picked a name for the baby yet while she is still under intensive care. James asks Justin if Kat is worth losing everything over — Justin cannot seem to give a clear answer. When Justin leaves the hospital, James tells Mandy that he thinks Kat is bad for his son — Mandy explains it is not for him to decide. The couple receives more news about their baby — another setback.

In a turn of events, Justin heads to Dasha’s place and speaks to Kat — he still wants to skate, but he said it will be best if they head to the rink separately.

At the rink, Kat remembers her fall — it’s the same rink as her accident. Ethan (the doctor) is at the rink — Jenn is surprised to see him. Carol also turns up; Mitch apologizes for being insecure — when his ex-wife cheated it made him a little fragile. Carol smiles at him with a hint of guilt on her face. Ethan walks off with Serena and asks her if she wants to go for a drive — she happily accepts.

Back to Mandy and she is worried about the baby. James tries to reassure her but Mandy responds with “I can’t lose her too”. James asks what she means by that and Mandy reveals that she had a baby when she was fifteen and gave her up for adoption. A surprised James heads out to the rink, leaving Mandy upset.

Bit of a bad move — leaving your wife in the hospital who has just delivered a baby.

At the midway point of Spinning Out Episode 10, “Kiss and Cry”, Dasha seems distracted. Before hitting the ice, Kat tells Justin that he won’t even look at her. Dasha tells them to go out there and express their pain. The pair go out and perform and Carol watches on. They complete their performances successfully and receive first place in the short program. Kat tries celebrating with Justin but he shrugs it off.

Kat finds Carol outside crying in the car and she asks her mother what she is doing at the ice rink. Carol calls herself a terrible person and admits doing something stupid the night before — Carol asks Kat to lie for her if Mitch asks where she was because she loves him. Kat pauses and tells her mother she will lie for her but asks how people with bipolar can know what love is. Carol describes a moment when Mitch was brushing his teeth and that’s when she knew — it is certain moments. Kat tells Carol that she should tell Mitch — “I love him too much”.

Back inside the venue, Serena catches Ethan stroking Jenn’s face. She storms up to them both and asks Ethan to look at her wrist. Serena asks Ethan if she is dating Jenn. Ethan turns nasty, claiming he thought it was just fun and asks her to grow up before breaking it off — “We never said we were serious”. Serena is distraught.

Dasha reveals that she took Jenn’s advice but Tatiana said no — more heartbreaks in Episode 10. While Kat and Justin practice for the long major, they do a lift and Kat nearly falls but Justin catches her. Kat tells Justin that she loves him. He walks off angry and Kat chases after him — “I’ve never been able to trust anyone to not let me fall before; it’s not just about the skating anymore for me”. Justin acknowledges that Kat really hurt him and she agrees — he kisses her.

Kat decides it is time to reconcile with her sister. A flashback shows her mother asking them both to go out urgently — a young Kat tells Serena she is going to be okay. In the present, Kat checks up on Serena; she explains that they should not be fighting. Serena tells Kat about a guy who messed her up. Kat believes the man is Drew, so confronts him. Drew openly admits he wishes he was dating Serena but that is not the case.

Meanwhile, Justin bumps into his father at the venue and he senses something is not right. James opens up — “Mandy had a baby years ago and I didn’t know. Am I really that hard to confide in?”. Justin offers his father wise words and encourages him to support Mandy.

Nearing the end of Episode 10, “Kiss and Cry’; minutes away from her performance, Kat investigates with Jenn — she checks Serena’s phone. Kat believes the messages may be from Mitch but that she needs proof this time. She tries ringing the number but it keeps going to voicemail. Serena heads out on the ice and she keeps slipping up in her performance. Kat approaches Mitch while Serena skates; Kat asks Mitch if she slept with Serena but in the same sentence accidentally reveals that Carol was not with her the night before. Mitch knows that Carol has cheated and walks off, expressing he is done with the family.

I feel sorry for Mitch — he has been accused of being a child molester and now sleeping with Carol’s daughter.

Serena finishes her performance and bursts into tears; Carol goes to comfort her. She asks Serena if something is wrong and they hug. Carol texts Kat and says the man is Ethan (the doctor). Kat confronts Ethan and he tries to blag it; he tries to fabricate a story where Serena has a delusional teenage crush. Jenn wonders over and hears Kat’s accusations. Jenn believes Serena is lying and walks off with Ethan. Kat heads to Carol and Serena and sees them both hugging. Kat asks Serena what happened and says she will call the police. Carol tells Kat to go skate and that she will take responsibility. Carol gives her daughters a motivational family pep talk.

Spinning Out Season 1, Episode 10, “Kiss and Cry” ends with Justin worrying that Kat is not going to show up for the performance. Kat turns up and they head to the ice to do their long major. We receive a future flash forward of Tatiana visiting Dasha at an ice rink and then Carol smashing Ethan with a golf club at his front door before ringing the police to report an assault. A flashback shows a young Kat and Serena again; their mother sets up a surprise camp-out. As Kat and Justin start their performance, the credits roll.

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