Medical Police Recap: You Had Duct Tape All This Time?

January 10, 2020
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Medical Police Season 1, Episode 3, “Dumb Doggy” is the funniest chapter so far, with Lola and Owen finding a solid lead.

This recap of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1, Episode 3, “Dumb Doggy” contains significant spoilers.

They never stop moving in Medical Police. It continues its action-comedy with a series of awkward moments hit by dramatic music.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 3, “Dumb Doggy” opens up with Lola and Owen heading to New Hampshire to speak to Professor Richard Waters (Fred Melamed). Richard and Lola share a creepily intimate hug. He looks into the virus for doctors and finds that it holds a signature, MRN, who is a famous bioterrorist called Matteo Roberto Neri. Meanwhile, Matteo himself is frustrated that the news does not know it is him yet — he wants to be famous.

Lola and Owen find out he was last checked in hospital in Florence, Italy so they head to the medical center to find his records. There is a funny gag where Owen uses duct tape to smash a window but he does not make the area of the tape large enough — he ends up cutting his arm in order to unlock. They find the records after plenty of messing about and then the police are alarmed. Lola and Owen end up seriously hurting themselves by jumping out of the building and both missing the mattress on the truck.

Apparently, they need to go to Africa! The location is entirely unclear. Matteo is infected with a virus he created himself so he is looked after by doctors.

When they get to their location Matteo is finally happy that he is found but he needs to escape. Lola and Owen pretend to be interior decorators to find him. When they do, they learn Matteo has swapped his clothes with Hanzi, so Hanzi is pretending to be Matteo. The woman who tried killing them on the plane shows up and tries to kill them. Hanzi knocks her out.

Lola and Owen chase after Matteo and try and stop him. Matteo claims he was instructed by a person who created it. He jumps on to a truck but Lola and Owen grab his legs and the pressure splits his body in half. Matteo is dead, but they need his face to unlock his phone but a dog starts eating him.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 3, “Dumb Doggy” ends with Lola and Owen finding out that Matteo has a twin brother and the dramatic music hits again.

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