Grown-ish season 3, episode 1 recap – love triangle (take 2) in “Crunch Time” So, who did Zoey choose?



As Zoey returns from a summer abroad, she decides what to do about her love triangle with Aaron and Luca on Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 1, “Crunch Time.”

This recap of Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 1, “Crunch Time”, contains spoilers. Check out all our coverage on this show by clicking these words.

Just as Season 2 ends with Zoey (Yara Shahidi) at the airport, Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 1 begins with her returning home from the airport. A monologue from our main character wastes no time with her intentions: watch out world, she’s grown now! As a junior in college, she’s all about prioritizing business over pleasure. That means focusing on being popular musician Joey Bada$$’s stylist, and leaving her boy drama in the past.

She arrives at her new home to see a welcome home party just for her! Actually, it’s an HBCU-style Homecoming celebration, but Zoey’s friends allow her to believe it’s just for her. This season, the girls and Vivek (Jordan Buhat) will all live together in a very stylish looking home.

Zoey confides in the girls that she and Aaron (Trevor Jackson) kissed at the end of last season. She apologizes to Ana (Francia Raisa) because she knows Ana and Aaron have history. Ana tells her not to worry. She and Aaron are a thing of the past. Ana advises her to go talk to him to see if the kiss meant anything. At the same time, Aaron decides to try shrooms after Doug (new series regular Diggy Simmons) offers a loaded brownie to him.

Aaron’s high while Zoey asks him what the kiss meant. He brushes it off as nothing and says that if they ever want to do more than kiss, he’s down. It’s awkward and Zoey rebuffs him. Problem solved, right? Wrong. Zoey runs into Luca shortly after. Luca apologizes for acting like a jealous jerk when Joey Bada$$ chose Zoey to work for him instead of himself and ruining their relationship in the process. He notes that he tried to chase her down at the airport, but he had just missed her.

This reveal in Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 1 causes Zoey to wonder what would’ve happened if Luca saw her? Would they have gotten back together? Would she have stayed? As Zoey finds herself falling back into old habits, Joey Bada$$ summons her for an emergency style session. She vents about her boy drama to her boss, who suggests she stop second-guessing herself and focus on the here and now. It’s advice she chooses to take.

So, at least for now, Zoey chooses… herself. Boy drama is a thing of the past. It’s time to enjoy junior year to the fullest. During a swag surf with the partiers, our last series regular, Nomi (Emily Arlook), who was last seen ending her relationship with her female professor, shows up to their new home… pregnant. And that’s how “Crunch Time” ends. A solid start to Grown-ish’s junior season.

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