Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty review – comedian shares her coming-of-age story

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 21, 2020 (Last updated: February 13, 2024)
Netflix Special Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty


Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty is a coming-of-age stand-up, as the comedian describes her experiences of “coming out” in an important Netflix Special.

Netflix Special Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty arrives on the streaming platform on January 21, 2020 — add it to your list.

The common trend for comedians is to describe their recent phase in life. But not for Fortune. The comedian has decided to use her leverage to get an important message across. Of course, she begins by describing her appreciation of Chillis and Church, two different places that are oddly related. She also pokes fun of her own weight and younger naivety; a time when her parents pressured her to join a swim team, despite not having any swimming ability whatsoever.

It’s safe to say, Fortune Feimster captures the crowd earlier on — she’s ready to share her younger life.

And that’s where the second act of Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty will be uniquely appreciated by the LGBTQ crowds. Fortune describes how she never felt she needed to “come out” as a lesbian when she was younger — pop culture never gave her the impression there was a need, which brings her to her byline: “Representation matters”.

Fortune spends a good portion of time discussing how “coming out” finally became an event in her life; the nervousness of approaching her brothers and then eventually her mother. The way she describes these moments are so casual, but you can sense the importance of what she is saying; while it was a moment that became so paramount for Fortune, it was also a moment that was clearly unspoken between her and the family.

Netflix’s Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty is a coming-of-age story lumped into a stand-up. Fortune lands the jokes but provides a raw understanding of her upbringing without putting too much emphasis on her experiences. The actor, writer, and comedian has created a genuine stand-up that will be appreciated by many and will surely be remembered in her career catalog.

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