Narcos: Mexico season 2 review – a perfect, monstrous instalment for the addictive Netflix series

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 12, 2020 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2


Narcos: Mexico Season 2 is a patient, dark and monstrous instalment in the Narcos Universe, portraying Félix’s power struggle at the top.

This review of Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2 contains no spoilers.

I’m not often surprised by TV, especially with series’ that are placed on streaming platforms, with their predictable writing structure and a sense of wanting to only impress with a lack of depth.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 is a surprising piece of work for Netflix; a continuation to the first season that paved the way for Félix to herald himself to the head of the Federation; a gluttonous cluster of Mexican cartels aiming to dominate the cocaine market, with Colombia and America armed on either side.

The character development of Félix is depicted from real-life Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, an infamous drug lord that rose from the depths of Sinaloa. His familiarities to the fictional Walter White are uncanny; a man with a loyal, beautiful wife and wonderful children incidentally falling into the highly illegal business of drugs. Both characters have business acumen, making the game highly addictive.

Season 1 was the rise of Félix, while Season 2 prods at a monster built on the frailties of insecure men, jesting for maximising profits in a world where blood is just as valuable as money. Season 1 was left with the murder of a DEA agent hanging over Félix like a great stormy cloud. Narcos: Mexico Season 2 proves that life at the top of an empire is not as luxurious as it seems.

Narcos: Mexico season 2 does not just platform Félix in the limelight; his opposite number and DEA agent Walt Breslin is equally as compelling to watch as the drug lord counterpart. The series thematically previews how both characters are oddly similar in ambition but ride on opposite sides of the fence. Season 2 pits two warriors against each other, wielding their spears, awaiting to jostle at each other at any moment.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 wouldn’t be Narcos without the complex politics, numerous cocaine routes and external factors influencing the drug economy. There are plenty of moving parts in Season 2 that follow a familiar, constructive pattern that formalizes the structure of the Federation. Paranoia is at its highest with the election on the roadmap and cartels worried about their share of investments.

But ultimately, the case study of Félix and Breslin is the landmark arc of Narcos: Mexico Season 2. Each episode is enticingly gripping as both characters plot their moves at an incredible pace.

Expertly written and directed, Narcos: Mexico Season 2 enticingly shows the ecosystem of what Félix is trying to achieve. The drug lord has to rise above the decrease in trust in him, overseeing his partners who are woefully short-sighted of the bigger picture while laying down violent actions that have echoing repercussions. Félix’s vision becomes the audience’s vision with patience and care. Audiences will not like Félix, but he is convincing with his far-reaching ideologies, strengthening the series to a whole new level.

As a final comparison, Narcos: Mexico Season 2 has the same compelling patience of 2015’s Sicario, with drawn-out, dialogue-filled scenes before the damning moments. Season 2 is the perfect monstrous installment for the Netflix series that’s hard to forget.

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