Babies season 1 review – time to feel scientifically broody with Netflix’s new docuseries Learning the science of a baby



Babies season 1 is a wonderful Netflix series, exploring a baby’s first phases in life and what it means from a scientific perspective.

Netflix series Babies season 1 will be released on the platform on February 21, 2020 – add it to your list now.

“I never want children”.

A common byline for young adults who cannot imagine sporting milk stains and crippling sleep depravity. But for some reason, after a night of reckoning and a newborn arriving 9 months later that byline changes. Belief systems change, having children suddenly becomes “beautiful”, and baggy-eyed parents suddenly lecture other aspiring couples on having children.

Netflix series Babies looks at the birth of new life and what it means from a scientific perspective. Part 1 delves into chemicals in the brain, how Oxytocin is a determining factor when social bonding. The less scientific and spiritual lovers out there will roll their eyes at making a bond scientific, but Babies Season 1 explores how a newborn has the ability to socialise days after birth and the results presented are incredible; how fathers develop just as much oxytocin as the mother if they are present, something that I would not have suggested before watching this series.

The remaining parts explore first food, crawling, first words, sleep and steps, all from the scientific angle. Netflix’s Babies will be fascinating from the perspective of parents, who will relive their child’s first months and be able to remember key movements in their early development. I certainly did. It’s easy to look back and understand how your parenting contributed to the wonderful scientific development of new life.

But regardless of if you are a parent or not, you will find Babies Season 1 oddly appealing to watch. The whole beauty of having or potentially having a baby is one that humans appear to flounder proudly. Netflix’s Babies is a worthwhile docuseries and it will be loved.

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