Grown-ish season 3, episode 6 recap – “Real Life S**t” Less Money, More Problems

February 21, 2020
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Aaron and Zoey have a fight, Jillian offers Zoey an olive branch, and Skye makes a decision regarding Rodney on Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 6, “Real Life S**t.”

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Aaron and Zoey have a fight, Jillian offers Zoey an olive branch, and Skye makes a decision regarding Rodney on Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 6, “Real Life S**t.”

This recap of Grown-ish season 3, episode 6 “Real Life S**t,” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 6 kicks off with Aaron and Doug going to a job fair, one the former needs because of his outrageous student loan debt. The show takes a minute to explain the massive Black-White disparity in student loan debt. Doug encourages Aaron to sell himself as the best “diversity hire” he can be, and secure a fantastic job with terrific benefits. I’m sure we all know that it won’t be that easy. As expected, his job hunt is a flop.

Meanwhile, Zoey comes face-to-face with Jillian for the first time after discovering her and Luca had hooked up. Jillian apologizes, saying she was unaware of Zoey and Luca’s history and didn’t mean to make things awkward. She then asks to hang out with her for drinks sometime… making it awkward.

Aaron talks to some employees from the advertising agency that Black-ish, the show Grown-ish originates from, about potentially coming to work for them. They inform him that a selection process will be made in the afternoon. Aaron asks Zoey if she could possibly get him an interview with her Dad since he works for the company. She pulls some strings for him, and they also share a moment that has some romantic tension in it.

He goes to the job, only to discover that Zoey didn’t call her Dad to schedule an interview. Instead, he meets Andre on the elevator as he leaves for the evening. Andre reveals that he’s filled the position already. Upset, he texts Zoey, who immediately feels guilty about forgetting to contact her Father. He then ignores her text messages for the rest of the day. After talking to her friends and gaining more info on Aaron’s situation from Doug, she goes to see him. He shouts at her for always being a taker but never a giver, and he’s sick of it. Aaron leaves Zoey in tears after calling her selfish and slamming the door in her face. Jillian catches her immediately afterward and takes her up on that drink offer after all.

Toward the end of Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 6, Dean Telphy offers Aaron a job as his assistant. Although it only pays minimum wage and has no benefits whatsoever, he can get his Master’s Degree for free as a perk for working at the university. Aaron happily accepts it. The next day, Zoey and Jillian have massive hangovers, but it looks like they have bonded.

The B-plot for “Real Life S**t” continues from last week’s. Rodney realizes how awkward things have been between him and Skye because he’s white. He decides he needs some space from her.

After seeing how lovey-dovey Jaz and Doug were, she decides to reach out to Rodney. She explains that they have a connection shared in a cultural experience, and Skye is sad she and Rodney won’t ever have that. Still, Skye notes that she likes and can’t stop thinking about Rodney, and that outweighs everything else. The two share a kiss.

“Real Life S**t” is another solid episode of Grown-ish. However, I don’t like the one-sided angst they’ve given Aaron and Zoey. While he’s brought up some solid points, Zoey at the least should’ve brought up the times Aaron has looked down on her due to her background and has insulted who she was as a person. Turning Aaron into this constant victim of Zoey’s selfishness without bringing up his own wrongdoings does not endear me to the idea of them as a couple. They’re bound to get together sooner than later, but it’s one of the reasons they won’t ever work as a couple to me.

Nonetheless, it’s nice to see the beginnings of a friendship form between Jillian and Zoey. While the B-plot wasn’t as good as last week’s, it was still a cute continuation of it with a sweet ending.

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