Altered Carbon season 2, episode 4 recap – “Shadow of a Doubt”

February 27, 2020
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Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 4, “Shadow of a Doubt” reveals some truth and context in regards to Quell as the stakes increase.

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Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 4, “Shadow of a Doubt” reveals some truth and context in regards to Quell as the stakes increase.

This recap of Netflix Series Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 4, “Shadow of a Doubt” contains significant spoilers.

As we reach the halfway point, Kovacs has work to do.

In the opening of Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 4, “Shadow of a Doubt”, Quell reveals she was lost in her own mind until she heard Kovacs’ voice. She was trapped in a nightmare and had to wake herself up. Kovacs explains that they’ve known each other for hundreds of years; Quell doesn’t remember anything. Kovacs reveals that Jaeger (Colonel Carrera) has returned and wants payback. Jaeger recruited Kovacs for the CTAC and made him into a killer. Jaeger never forgave Kovacs for abandoning him. Episode 4 sees Kovacs desperate for an escape plan to depart the planet.

But the problems worsen; Dig 301 reveals Poe’s bounty value and at the same time, Trepp turns up. Kovacs heads downstairs and Trepp was intruding as a holo-form. Poe accidentally gives away their location. Dig 301 and Poe warn Kovacs that it is Harlan’s day and there are too many people on the streets to go outside. Kovacs hires Dig 103 and asks her to protect Quell and resigns Poe of his service.

This was a blow for the character Poe who has been struggling since the start of Season 2 with his memory glitches and clinging on to Lizzie.

Next up in Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 4, “Shadow of a Doubt”; Carrera speaks to Tanaseda Hideki and asks where Kovacs is. Hideki is not forthcoming, so Carrera threatens him and demands that he brings Kovacs to him. Meanwhile, Kovacs offers to help Trepp find her brother if she helps him get off the planet; they finally agree to be partners.

Kovacs then heads off to meet Tanaseda Hideki who has become a popular man. Before meeting Hideki, Kovacs recalls a memory with Jaeger; Jaeger tells Kovacs that he’s off back home to Harlan’s. Anyway, back to the present day and Kovacs asks Hideki for transit to escape the planet. Hideki explains that the request is almost impossible. He also reveals that Carrera visited; Hideki has a choice to make but he reveals to Kovacs that he will provide the identities, transport and new sleeves so Kovacs and Quell can depart.

Meanwhile, Quell learns that she is seen as a terrorist leader; Kovacs explains that the materials she is watching are Protectorate propaganda and he states she is a scientist and a warrior. Quell starts to remember her feelings and kisses Kovacs. She suddenly feels flashes of losing herself and tells Kovacs to continue kissing her; they have sex.

The new plans are in motion at the halfway point; Hideki visits Danica at Harlan’s celebration party and tells her that the transportation hub is in lockdown, which is causing problems; Danica falls for Hideki’s complaints and provides him with two tickets.

Carrera begins torturing Lila for information — the same woman who turned off the lights in the last episode to help Quell. Carrera then learns that Danica has requested that Lila is moved away from the interrogation, essentially reducing Carrera’s authority. Carrera suspects Danica is hiding something about the war.

At Harlan’s party, Carrera sees all his suspects that he was interrogating attached to huge rockets that are fireworks. Danica attached all the suspects to the rockets and they are killed.

As we near the end of Episode 4, “Shadow of a Doubt”, Hideki tells Kovacs via video feed that transportation has been arranged he gives his goodbye. In a twist, Quell is with Hideki, and he admits that he deserves whatever happens next — she kills him. Kovacs then arrives at Hideki’s place to find everyone is dead, including Hideki. He links Hideki’s stack to his mind to look at his memories. The stack begins to malfunction and Trepp manages to save Kovacs.

Kovacs learns that Quell is killing the Founders.

Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 4, “Shadow of a Doubt” ends with ‘Evergreen’ activated by Carrera as revealed in the previous episode. A man approaches Carrera who looks like Kovacs old sleeve/original firm. Carrera welcomes him home.

Altered Encryptions

  • Danica likes to follow the traditions of Harlan’s day.
  • Kovacs is introduced to Trepp’s child. He’s not in an original sleeve as he slept on a mine.
  • Poe riddles in his own despair and pity. He regrets not rebooting. Dig 301 says Kovacs is an “a*s”. They both are desperate for purpose.
  • Poe asks Quell if she misses the woman she was once was. She said its like missing land when rushed out to sea.
  • Poe plays a holo-record of Lizzie to say goodbye. Poe then tells Dig 301 he is rebooting and says it’s inevitable of his deterioration. Dig 301 has a solution to preserve his memories

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