Altered Carbon season 2, episode 6 recap – “Bury Me Dead”

February 27, 2020
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Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 6, “Bury Me Dead” solely focuses on Carrera’s squad going after Quell, which is not a bad idea at all as secrets are revealed.

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Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 6, “Bury Me Dead” solely focuses on Carrera’s squad going after Quell, which is not a bad idea at all as secrets are revealed.

This recap of Netflix Series Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 6, “Bury Me Dead” contains significant spoilers.

Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 6, “Bury Me Dead”, almost felt like a penultimate episode — it had the reveals and progression that you’d expect before a finale. It begins with Quell experiencing flashes and memories of her former self. She seems to remember everything while she touches the lake — she’s back to where this all started. Kovacs Prime is nearby. Carrera radios in and explains to Kovacs Prime that he needs to capture her so they can get to the weapon. Kovacs Prime approaches Quell and pretends to be the original Kovacs. Quell appears to believe him, and starts discussing the weapon and how the other Kovacs cannot be trusted.

Quell gives Kovacs Prime a tour; she shows him the place she woke up after the explosion. She explains that Rei hid her in the same cave they stand in before Rei killed her, copied her DHF, saved her DNA and force grew a clone. In Kovacs Prime’s ear, Carrera warns him to not allow her to get under his skin. Quell shows Kovacs Prime a holo-memory of Rei keeping Quell in a chamber. Rei gave the Quells up to save Kovacs. In the memories, Rei keeps on coming back, asking Quell why she is so special and why Kovacs left his family for her. Meanwhile, Danica states she wants Quell killed on-site, but Carrera purposefully stays quiet.

Quell tells Kovacs Prime that the weapon is nearby. Meanwhile, Kovacs is hanging on the side of a cliff. Trepp tells him to focus before throwing him a rope. Kovacs manages to get back to the surface. Kovacs reveals to Trepp that his other sleeve is with Quell and that it is complicated. Trepp and Kovacs head to the cavern, killing some of Carrera’s crew on the way.

At the midway point of Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 6, “Bury Me Dead”, Quell shows Kovacs an old tree that holds many secrets as Kemp’s squad randomly turns up to help Kovacs and Trepp against the Protectorate squad. At that moment, Carrera sends out an order to Kovacs Prime to kill Quell, but Quell already knows he isn’t the original Kovacs — “You are not my Takeshi Kovacs”. Quell and Kovacs Prime fight, which is shortlived as Joshua Kemp, his team, Kovacs, and Trepp turn up. Kemp arrests them all temporarily until they pass the ascertaining ceremony.

The ceremony begins on Quell — Kemp asks Quell about extending her life and marks the hypocrisy. Quell says her life was extending against her will. Quell reveals that the water by the lake worked and that she remembers everything. Quell references Marshall Kemp — the protectorate had him arrested as a collaborator; he refused to betray the envoys and they went for his daughter (she looks at Trepp when she says this). Quell says the protectorate never found her because she vowed to protect her — “Children should not be used as instruments of war”. Kemp welcomes Quell back to The Uprising and they all embrace her.

As the ceremony closes in “Bury Me Dead”, Kovacs notices that Kovacs Prime cannot keep his eyes off Quell. Kovacs tells Prime that he used to be exactly like him. Kovacs talks to Carrera directly via Kovac Prime’s microphone. Kovacs Prime turns off his microphone and asks about Rei. Kovacs tells him why he had to kill Rei — he believed Rei wanted him to do it.

It looks like Kovacs Prime may be converted.

Joshua Kemp thinks the cave is the best defensive position and asks about the weapon. Quell stays mute on the subject. Meanwhile, Trepp tells Quell that the communication was never transmitted so questions how Kemp knew where they were; also, Kemp claims he does not know her brother, which is a lie. Quell asks Kemp who he works for. Kemp asks his team to execute Quell but Kovacs kills them before they pull the trigger. Kemp reveals that there is no revolution and that Trepp’s brother got himself killed.

Quell, Trepp and Kovacs try to flee but they are suddenly surrounded. Carrera learns that Kemp is working for Danica but they still shoot Kemp to death when he tries to reveal that he is on their side. Carrera tells Danica that her actions are treason and the Protectorate will seize her. Danica arrests Carrera and tells him that he will be getting capital punishment for double sleeving Kovacs — it is illegal.

Danica was the composer all along.

Altered Carbon Season 2, Episode 6, “Bury Me Dead”  ends with Quell, Trepp, and Kovacs in a bad position as guns begin to fire. Quell begins to regress and is unable to control her mind — beams suddenly shoot from the sky and as Quell screams, the beams obliterate the Protectorate squad. Is Quell the weapon?

Altered Encryptions

  • Quell and Kovacs understand that Kovacs Prime is essentially the same person and fully expect him to have the same personality and follow the same path.

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