Little Fires Everywhere season 1, episode 3 recap – homecoming and truths

March 18, 2020
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Little Fires Everywhere season 1, episode 3 sees more secrets exposed and insecurities coming to the surface as Homecoming approaches.

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Little Fires Everywhere season 1, episode 3 sees more secrets exposed and insecurities coming to the surface as Homecoming approaches.

This recap of Hulu Series Little Fires Everywhere season 1, episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

Little Fires Everywhere season 1, episode 3 opens up in December 1996 — Mia’s friend Bebe is aiding to her baby May Ling, who won’t take her breast milk. The store won’t sell her formula because she’s low on money. When she runs out, Bebe has run out of electricity. She immediately breaks down in tears and packs up — she’s ready to give up her baby.

This was an awful scene showing the true hardship of parents in poverty.

In the present day, Mia and Bebe are talking about Bebe’s daughter. Bebe seems to have accepted she is no longer the mother but Mia insists she must find her daughter. Bebe is scared that because she is an illegal immigrant, she cannot go to the authorities.

Segwaying to the family dinner at the Richardson household, Brian, Lexie’s boyfriend, joins them for dinner. Brian learns that Lexie used Pearl’s counseling story in her recent essay and is not amused as it was about her struggle.

The next day, Lexie is fretting that Homecoming will be ruined and asks Brian why he is avoiding her over Pearl. Brian says what she did was messed up. Izzy, who has had some recent words of advice about taking on the world, tells Moody and Pearl that she’s thinking about going to Homecoming with them.

Mia and Elena plan a 1st birthday party for Elena’s friend Linda. Mia asks why they are going “all-out” for the 1st birthday. Elena explains that Linda and her husband have gone through a lot of pain trying to have a child and they eventually adopted a 2-month old starving baby girl near a fire station in Cleveland. Mia asks about the fortune cookies and Elena reveals because the baby is Chinese – it dawns on Mia that the child could be Bebe’s.

She walks out, flustered and confused.

While trying out dresses for homecoming, Lexie admits her essay was influenced by Pearl for Yale but that it expired. Pearl seems cool with it. Lexie asks about Pearl’s father and if she’s “mixed”.

When Pearl returns home, Mia asks what is in Pearl’s bag and gets emotional when she sees a Homecoming dress. Mia is upset that Pearl keeps lying and wonders why she allowed a “rich white girl” to buy it. Pearl fights back and asks about her father. Pearl wants to understand why she cannot know her father and wonders if he can help them for a better life. Mia gets upset and walks off.

Mia has so much pride and she wants to provide everything for her daughter, understandably.

Mia helps Pearl get ready for Homecoming the next day regardless of the argument. Mia offers to take photos at the 1st birthday party, but it’s obvious she wants to spy and scope the baby. Izzy seems to have transformed, running outside in her new dress and Elena helps her shave her legs. Elena seems to want her daughter to be a certain way.

At the Homecoming, Brian is still mad at the essay and Lexie explains that Pearl is cool with it. She manages to turn his mood around and they enter the Homecoming as King and Queen – the Homecoming is in full swing.

At the 1st Birthday party, Mia starts taking photos. Elena confronts April’s mother for bullying her daughter Izzy. April’s mother suggests Izzy is doing something worse.

At the Homecoming dance, Moody tells Pearl she makes everything better. Meanwhile, Izzy kisses Carl on the dance floor in front of the other girls. Moody grabs her and says she does not need to prove anything to anyone.

At the midway point of Little Fires Everywhere season 1, episode 3, Brian speaks to Pearl about Lexie taking her counselor story for her essay at the dance. Pearl suggests the essay was expired anyway; Brian is shocked by the lies of Lexie and when Lexie walks over, Brian storms off angrily.

We also learn what April’s mother said about Izzy; apparently Izzy sexually accosted April at a party. Bill tells Elena that there will be some truth to this and that it is complicated. This explains why Moody told Izzy to be herself and not to care about what other’s think.

Upstairs at the 1st Birthday Party, Mia looks at the baby and investigates for signs that it is May Ling — she sees something at the back of her head that suggests so. Elena walks in and Mia blags what she was doing.

Pearl and Moody’s friendship is getting complicated in Little Fires Everywhere season 1, episode 3. Pearl wants to go to an afterparty because Trip and Lexie are going. Moody gets… moody so she agrees to go watch a film. Moody’s immaturity will damage his friendship with Pearl. Brian is annoyed at Lexie still but Lexie tells him she wants the night to be special. They start kissing and initiate sex.

Mia tells Bebe about the baby and Bebe wants to go to the party to see the baby straight away. Elena starts the “happy birthday” routine with the cake. Meanwhile, a frustrated Mia has sex with a man. Bebe enters the party frantically and when she sees May Ling, she runs towards her and screams “it’s my birthday!”. The guests grab Bebe and chuck her out of the party.

As we near the end, a socially exhausted Izzy gets on the bus and despite being 70 cents short, the bus driver lets her on anyway; at the beginning of the episode, Bebe was not allowed to buy formula milk because she was 70 cents short. Izzy wipes off her lipstick and undoes her hair.

It’s quite clear she isn’t that person.

Little Fires Everywhere season 1, episode 3 ends with Moody and Pearl chilling watching a film — Moody can tell Pearl is not okay. Elena promises to find out how Bebe knew about the 1st Birthday party. Izzy heads to Mia’s house.

Additional Notes

  • Lexi gives her boyfriend a handjob as she reads an essay. She introduces Brian to her mother Elena for dinner. Brian and Pearl are introduced to each other.
  • Mia did not now the lawn and Bill is annoyed but Elena defends her.
  • Elena talks to Izzy about bullied at school and Elena talks about the time she padded her bra at school.
  • Bill checks out Mia’s art and Mia asks if he is a lawyer and if she knows an immigration lawyer.

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