Dead to Me season 3, episode 9 recap – who was found murdered?

By M.N. Miller
Published: November 17, 2022
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Dead to Me has found that sweet spot when it comes to dark, twisted fun.

We recap the Netflix series Dead to Me season 3, episode 9, “We’re Almost Out of Time,” which contains spoilers.

Jen (Christina Applegate) arrives at Glenn’s motel room and delivers some scones. Yes, there was no rat poison in them. Jen is just manipulating him because she is about to tell him a lie. She tells the FBI agent that Steve is the father of her child and that if Judy finds out, it will kill her. He finds the story credible and then almost chokes on a large bite of scone. Jen never moves, virtually hoping that crusted hard piece of the glazed scone will set her free, so to speak. I mean, not the way truth would, but the type that Keith Morrison will talk about on Dateline in a couple of years. It doesn’t, however. Glenn admits he thought he was a goner there. (Are you wondering if he pretended to do that to test Jen’s morality?).

Dead to Me season 3, episode 9 recap

The conversation ends with him telling Jen that will be one plausible explanation if her DNA is on Steve. Meanwhile, Judy has been given the test results and is enjoying life. She is rollerblading down the beautiful sunny Laguna beach coastline. We think, based on her reaction, she was given good news. However, she tells Jen it’s a terminal diagnosis. That’s when Jen accidentally says she is pregnant in front of her kids. Ben calls Jen from prison and tells her that he is in love with her. Unfortunately, time ran out before Jen could give him the old Patrick Swayze “ditto” or say that she killed Steve.

Judy’s mom, Eleanor, is out of prison and asks if she could stay with her when she gets out. Judy tells her she is going away for a while but refrains from telling her that she has terminal cancer. Judy says she loves her and gives her a gift. Strangely, her mother doesn’t return the words. When Judy leaves, she opens the envelope, and it is filled with cash. Eleanor goes to Jen’s home and finds out she isn’t there. Jen breaks the news to her that her daughter has cancer. They find Judy’s cell phone in her room, and she is gone. That’s because Judy has gone to the police and confessed to the murder of Steve. Jen begs Nate to give her three weeks because Judy has been admitted to the drug trial, and he reluctantly agrees.

Dead to Me season 3, episode 9 ending – who was found murdered?

There was a murder, and a body was discovered at the end of Dead to Me season 3, episode 9. Who was found murdered? We find out FBI agent Moranis was found dead by Perez when he went to his motel room to admit her coverup in Jen’s involvement. The room was ransacked. We see Eleanor drive away in Judy’s car, hinting that maybe she was the one who protected her daughter. However, we also see Perez taking off her gloves and having FBI files in her car. This now protects everyone involved. We doubt that Perez was the one who killed him, but you never know.

The final scene shows Jen and Judy driving to Mexico for a vacation.

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