Dead to Me season 3, episode 8 recap – what did Glenn take from Jen’s trash bin?

By Marc Miller
Published: November 17, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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Garret Dillahunt, any series’ secret weapon, is back to investigate, and Dead to Me is better for it.

We recap the Netflix series Dead to Me season 3, episode 8, “We’ll Find a Way,” which contains spoilers.

Dead to Me heats up this episode. How? Judy (Linda Cardellini) finds something secret from Steve, while Jen (Christina Applegate) is left abandoned by Perez (Diana Maria Riva), who informs her that they found DNA on Steve’s body. Oh, and Glenn returns, the meticulous FBI agent who will give Jen all sorts of trouble.

Dead to Me season 3, episode 8 recap

Jen is upset that Detective Perez arrested Ben last night. Especially since she never wanted to press charges. She confronts the copper at the police station in front of her colleagues, even alluding to getting Perez in trouble for ignoring the fact Jen told her that she killed Steve in the first place. When they go outside, lady law has finally had enough. She tells Jen that rich white men like Ben buy their way out, so there is no need to make threats. Second, there is no more “we” anymore, and she walks away from Jen. Steve’s killer is now on her own. Why? Well, because the FBI has found DNA on Steve, she can no longer jeopardize her career.

Judy is supportive, telling Jen they should go on vacation for a bit to get her mind off things. She included it since she has to go in for that scan in a week. While preparing for the trip, two things happen to the best friends. Judy finds that she is losing her hair from the chemo, but she also finds a key in a painting where Steve hid some of the Greek mafia holdings. The other is while Jen has an open house for her neighbor, FBI Agent Glenn Moranis shows up to ask questions about Steve, not the crown molding.

Thank goodness Judy was there because she plays up the pregnancy and cancer cards. Why? Because Jen started to stammer under his questions on why Jen was given a ticket outside the location where Steve’s body was found. Judy quickly comes in and tells him it was a “girls and gays” weekend because Jeff was there as well. Glenn leaves, noting that the hallway picture has a frame crack. They also now need to get Jeff on board. Jen is so freaked she even suggests killing Glenn, but Judy quickly gets her friend back on the straight and narrow for them.

They learn that Jeff never erased the footage from their home security system, all the way back in the day because Karen changed the cloud password. So, Jen breaks out the Mexican lasagna with extra raisins (this may be the entire series’ greatest crime) and manipulates Karen into deleting it. They even take the hard drive she backed up the footage on.

Dead to Me season 3, episode 8 ending – what did Glenn take from Jen’s trash bin?

Karen finds footage of Glenn going through Jen’s trash before grabbing something. What did Glenn take from Jen’s trash bin? The water bottle she was drinking was in front of him. Most likely to get her DNA and test what they found on Steve. Judy walks away from the oncology center, and we assume she took the scan. Finally, Jen delivers Glenn’s scones. We can only think she poisoned them, but that may be too dark for the series.

Or is it?

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