Feel Good season 1, episode 1 recap – f*** the meetings

March 19, 2020
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Feel Good season 1, episode 1 - netflix series


Feel Good season 1, episode 1 introduces the audience to a quirky stand-up comedian that is head over heels for one of her spectators.

This recap of Netflix Series Feel Good season 1, episode 1 contains significant spoilers.

Feel Good season 1, episode 1 opens up with Mae Martin attending a comedy open-mic — she gets on the stage and does a quick routine; it’s awkward as barely anyone laughs, apart from one woman, who has her entire attention on Mae. It’s a story of attraction instantly.

That woman is named George, who stays behind at the bar despite her friend leaving after trying to set her up with another man; George’s friend Vicki questions George’s single life.

George does not play any games; apparently she continues to attend Mae’s stand-ups and always laughs at her jokes. George confidently asks Mae if she wants a drink and both women sit down, drink and play games. George reveals she has never been on a date with a woman before and then they kiss. Back at George’s house, they carry on kissing and get close very quickly; what follows is a montage of scenes of how their situation turns into a relationship.

The basis of the series is now planted.

And Mae moves in, so it’s serious very quickly; Mae’s parents video call on Skype and they talk to Mae and George. They’ve only been together for 3 months. Mae’s parents ask Mae whether she has found a new narcotics anonymous meeting which embarrasses Mae because George did not know she was an ex-drug addict. George questions Mae about her sobriety and demands that she joins a new meeting.

So Mae attends a new meeting but leaves it prematurely. One of the women at the meeting talks to her and gives Mae advice about keeping her mind occupied.

You can already tell this is going to end in tears.

Mae tells George she will not be going to the meetings anymore and that she has a new sponsor. George understandably has a problem with this but Mae says she has George to help her overcome her problems. George dismisses this idea, saying it is not enough. Mae raises how she’s never met any of George’s friends. In response to that, George grabs items from Mae’s past when she had a narcotics problem.

Mae shows her peak quirkiness and rash decision making as she burns all the items in the garden before stating she has everything under control and breaking into tears — George calls her intense.

I agree.

Feel Good season 1, episode 1 ends with Mae at the comedy club and she is tempted to take drugs but she’s quickly distracted. Mae returns home and tells George about her past and her addiction to drugs. George is happy that she has opened up and they have sex. Mae’s sponsor texts her saying “f*** the meetings”.

Trouble lurks.

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