Feel Good season 1, episode 4 recap – bringing up the past

March 19, 2020
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Feel Good Season 1, Episode 4 sees Mae having to confront her past against a resistant mother who refuses to entertain it.

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Feel Good Season 1, Episode 4 sees Mae having to confront her past against a resistant mother who refuses to entertain it.

This recap of Netflix Series Feel Good season 1, episode 4 contains significant spoilers.

Feel Good Season 1, Episode 4 delves into Mae’s past — we already know she is an ex-drug addict and dealer but we’ve always sensed that it’s impacted her relationship with her parents. Well, Chapter 4 delves into this.

Episode 4 opens up with George waking up to see her friends texting her about “coming out”. She’s clearly hungover and confused about what she has done.

But George hasn’t got time to worry about her reveal, as Mae’s parents are in Blackpool as they wish to scatter their dead cat’s ashes on the beach. George freaks out about “coming out”, stating she needs Mae to comfort her. Mae agrees that George can join her to Blackpool and says she wants to speak about the “missing years in her life” to her mother.

So Mae and George meet Mae’s mother and father. Mae starts an apology to her parents as part of “step nine” of her Narcotics Anonymous group. Her mother instantly accepts the apology abruptly and then they head to the pub. Mae’s mother barely gives Mae attention but they say they love George.

The group then head to the beach to scatter the ashes. Mae says a few words about the cat and how she was cut off from the family before her mother interrupts her again. Her mother wants to do a ten-minute silence but Mae stops it by scattering the ashes clumsily.

While on the Ghost Train, Mae and her mother finally talk about the past as they experience the ride. Mae’s mother rips into Mae, saying she was a privileged little girl that became a drug dealer and a drug addict and ruined people’s lives. Mae jumps off the ride as her mother asks if she’s on drugs again.

With Mae hiding within the confines of the ride, Mae’s mother tells George that her daughter likes the idea of love and that she likes to chase heterosexual women. When George reveals she has “come out”, Mae’s mother responds with “give it a month”.


Mae’s father tells Mae that she is very similar to her mother — they are both strong and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Mae’s father tells Mae that it is not easy being a parent.

Later, Mae and George spend the night together in their lodge. George asks Mae if she loves her exes and tells her what her parents said about “give it a month”. George wants to know if this time is different. Mae tries her best to persuade George that this time is different and that when she lays next to her, she feels still and quiet, deep inside. Mae promises never to break up with her.

Feel Good Season 1, Episode 4 ends with Mae telling her mother that she has found a really interesting article about a new black hole that she will send her. The tensions ease and it’s very clear that they love each other deep down.

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