Feel Good season 1, episode 3 recap – coming out

March 19, 2020
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Feel Good Season 1, Episode 3 presents a lot of unspoken words between Mae and George and George battles with “coming out” to her friends.

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Feel Good Season 1, Episode 3 presents a lot of unspoken words between Mae and George and George battles with “coming out” to her friends.

This recap of Netflix Series Feel Good season 1, episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

Feel Good Season 1, Episode 3 deals with George’s issue — her fear of “coming out” to her friends.

It opens up with Mae in her Narcotics Anonymous group which is ironically talking about toxic relationships. Mae decides to leave early to have sex with George, but unfortunately, Mae has to hide in a school closet because a colleague walks in. Mae overhears the colleague telling George about a single man she should date.

Later, Mae and George have sex but Mae cannot orgasm — George tries different ways to turn her on. Mae suggests that they do role play where she meets George’s family and friends, which George bores off — she’s not ready to introduce Mae to her family and friends. George tells her friend that she cannot make her “boyfriend” orgasm and asks for advice.

After a stand-up, Maggie’s daughter Laura compliments Mae on her routine. Mae tells Laura that she should reconnect with her mother. Laura asks if the orgasm story in her stand-up is true and then says, “If you were my girlfriend, I’d make you come in under a minute”.


Mae returns home to George starting a role-playing scenario as a police officer. Mae stops it and demands that she sees George’s friends. George finally admits that she is scared but the game changes when Mae confesses she cannot orgasm because she does not feel safe. George reluctantly invites Mae to a party to introduce Mae to her friends.

On the way to the party, George admits that she has told all her friends that she has a boyfriend – she asks Mae to keep it under wraps for one night – George feels under pressure to tell all her friends. At the party, Mae becomes frustrated at George’s attempts to cover it all up and states that she was bullied when she was younger, whereas George won the lottery by being fit. Mae walks out, and George’s friends look on suspiciously.

An upset Mae visits her sponsor for some company. Laura reveals herself as gay (this was hardly a secret). Laura asks Mae how her girlfriend is and states she is wasting her time with George.

Laura is clearly thirsty for Mae.

Back at the party and George gets herself ridiculously drunk, so much so she hurts herself and ends up in the hospital.

Mae gets a call about George being in hospital so leaves Laura who was making a move on her. When she gets to the hospital, a drunk George starts calling her “baby” in front of her friends. George then tells Mae that she loves her and that she is going to make her “come” — she then reveals a strap on, calls Mae beautiful and kisses her in front of all her friends. Mae stays the night in the hospital.

Feel Good Season 1, Episode 3 closes with George drunk on the hospital bed and Mae wide awake. Mae pockets a box of oxytocin.

Despite George “coming out”, Mae clearly does not feel secure.

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