Vampires season 1 review – French teen Netflix series is raw and bloody It's hard being a teen, especially when you are half human, half vampire.



French Netflix series Vampires is how a vampire-teen drama should be; violent, gritty, and not making any excuses to censor anything.

French Netflix Series Vampires season 1 will be released on Netflix on March 20th, 2020 – Add it to your list now. 

After BBC and Netflix partnered up to release Draculawhich surprisingly had bloodthirsty fans divided on whether it was a good representation of the character, French series Vampires would have to sing from the right hymn sheets to win the fans over. When I saw the description, I rolled my eyes a bit — it sounded like a generic teenage drama, but the teens just happened to have fangs.

But alas, Netflix’s Vampires Season 1 is not a forgettable experience.

It does have that teen feel — Doina Radescu is a half-human, half-vampire, so of course, it’s hard being a teenager when you have bloody attractive human men around you while hormones are surging through your body. The story presents the audience with a world where a section of vampires has chosen to stay away from a cult called The Community, a secret vampire group, choosing instead to remain in normal society and attempt to live normal lives.

And despite the teen spin, it doesn’t feel like Netflix is plunging audiences into a Twilight experience. French series Vampires understands that the whole concept of being one is not a simple affair. It’s a raw, bloody life that takes over the basic human instincts. It does not hide away from the gore or the sex that would entail a vampire life. It embraces it, making the Netflix series gritty and memorable.

Doina has to battle with her urges, the family turmoil and The Community pursuing her — it’s a dark story that continues to find Doina delving into a disastrous web as the series progresses.

Vampires Season 1 is a surprise hit for Netflix Friday — I hope it gains the popularity it deserves and doesn’t get snuffed away due to the subtitle experience. This is a proper vampire series and should not be disposed of so easily.

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Daniel Hart

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2 thoughts on “Vampires season 1 review – French teen Netflix series is raw and bloody

  • March 21, 2020 at 2:46 pm

    I’ve been a horror fan for 35 year and bore easily with the genre, so it has to be good to get my attention. I adore this show, and I’m hoping to see more of it!

  • March 23, 2020 at 12:16 am

    Stunning series. The best part…it’s set in France. I just finished episode 1 and am intrigued to say the least.


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