Prodigal Son season 1, episode 18 recap – “Scheherazade”

March 31, 2020
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“Scheherazade” gets cultural, as a new case and the on-going girl in the box mystery bring a potential new villain into the fold.

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“Scheherazade” gets cultural, as a new case and the on-going girl in the box mystery bring a potential new villain into the fold.

This recap of Prodigal Son Season 1, Episode 18, “Scheherazade”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

So, it looks like we haven’t abandoned the girl in the box story quite yet, as Prodigal Son Episode 18 opens with Malcolm (Tom Payne) dreaming his way to a potential solution: He’s going to take Eve (Molly Griggs) to meet his father, Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen). And I thought my in-laws were bad.

Speaking of which, Jessica (Bellamy Young) is at another fancy soiree, being schmoozed by Nicholas and wondering why Malcolm isn’t there to witness the ballet’s newest stars, Fiona and Javier, making their American debut. Needless to say, Malcolm will be there shortly, since when Javier hoists Fiona into the air he spews blood over several attendees and drops to the floor dead.

Javier, who defected from Cuba eight weeks prior thanks to the patronage of Nicholas, is the victim of a targeted poisoning that might have been a professional hit according to Edrisa (Keiko Agena). Malcolm is more worried that he might become the next victim if Jessica spots him, since he was supposed to be her plus-one at the gala. Naturally, she finds him and berates him for choosing Eve over her. He’s trying to help his girlfriend the only way he knows how, which is apparently by taking her to meet the family’s serial killer patriarch – something Jessica expressly forbids.

Malcolm, though, isn’t the type to do as he’s told, so “Scheherazade” finds Eve and Malcolm being grilled by David (Esau Pritchett) about the rules for visiting dangerous psychopaths – don’t step over the red line, remember he’s highly aggressive and dangerous, and so on, and so forth. Eve does the smart thing and he immediately slaps Martin around the face. Again, in-laws. You know how it goes.

Martin obviously reveals nothing of Sophie’s fate, and implores Malcolm to stay away from the matter, which we know he isn’t going to do. Malcolm’s hunch is that if they leave him alone he’ll become so desperate that he gives them what they want anyway, but you have to wonder if either of them really want the truth of the matter. We’ll see.

Edrisa reveals more about Javier’s death in Prodigal Son Episode 18. His cortisone shot was laced by a detached killer who committed the crime for utility; financial reward or the maintenance of a threatened lifestyle. That profile fits Joseph, who lost his role to Javier. It’s time for some culture.

Malcolm and Dani (Aurora Perrineau) find Joseph, who happily admits to having had a fight with Javier but insists that doesn’t make him a killer. Fair. He also implies that Javier was sleeping with half the women in the company; Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) and JT (Frank Harts) question one, Susie, who suddenly starts screaming about her eyes burning. Malcolm deduces her contact lenses have been spiked, and is able to prevent her losing her sight completely by removing them. Whoever handled the drug will likely be feeling its effects themselves, but the place is a warren of incriminating evidence and virtually anyone could be the culprit.

Martin calls Jessica in “Scheherazade”, insisting how dangerous Eve is, but Jessica is only interested in tormenting him about Nicholas. Hell hath no fury, and all that. Martin is furious and faintly hysterical, triggering brief flashbacks of his serial killer heyday.

It turns out power in the theatre is concentrated in the hands of Fiona, who reveals a deeper connection between Javier and Nicholas in that the latter was instrumental in his escape from Cuba. Naturally, Nicholas will only give a statement with a lawyer present, but Jessica is quite taken with the idea that he helped Javier escape for purely altruistic reasons, to save him from a ballet company riddled with embezzlement and death.

As Martin experiences more flashbacks and decides to call Eve personally, Gil and Malcolm return to Fiona to press her for more sordid details of her sex life. What made Javier so scared that he decided to leave the company and New York after attempting to build a new home there? Was it Castillo, who poisoned six of the dancers in Cuba and might still be alive and free from justice? It seems as good a bet as any. While trying to evacuate the theatre of anyone who isn’t a Cuban male over 50, Castillo reveals himself by trying to drop a lighting rig on Malcolm and Gil’s heads and holding a knife to Fiona’s throat.

It’s time for the obligatory “Malcolm talks the killer down” moment of Prodigal Son Episode 18, which in “Scheherazade” also includes a dance move and the minor reveal that Jessica made Malcolm take ballet classes for five years – he even had a promising future. Castillo is shot by Gil, bringing his low-key reign of terror to an end.

That just leaves the matter of Martin and Eve to take care of. She and Malcolm go to visit him again, and she demands to know what happened to her sister. He admits taking her to the cabin, and to the weekend not going quite as planned. Whenever Malcolm was asleep he’d spend time with her in the cellar, which was revealing. She assumed he’d been hired to kill her and was unintimidated enough by his reputation to want to cut a deal with him. She apparently had quite a story to tell. He insists that after that he let her go – to Malcolm, he claims to be protecting him.

This is, one assumes, the end of Eve’s time on the show. She packs up her stuff and leaves, setting out to find Sophie herself. Malcolm, despite believing this is what his father wanted, let’s her go to do what she needs to do. The final scenes of Prodigal Son Season 1, Episode 18 reveal that, according to Sophie, Nicholas is an even bigger monster than Martin, just as Jessica arrives at his door.

Looks like we have a new villain.

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