Hi Score Girl season 2 review – Netflix anime earns more credits in round 2 Round 2.... fight!



Embracing the love for gaming, Hi Score Girl Season 2 pushes the right buttons again, adding to Netflix’s growing anime library.

Netflix anime series Hi Score Girl Season 2 was released on Netflix on April 9, 2020 — add it to your list now. Ready Steady Cut also reviewed the first season — have a read

It’s hard to forget the first time you experience Hi Score Girl. I remember the endearing first season which mixed coming of age conundrums with love for gaming. It’s an easy sell, especially for anime fans who enjoy their anime watches. And it honing on Street Fighter can only get the juices going. The Netflix anime series would have to do terribly to ruin the concept and luckily, Hi Score Girl Season 2 follows in the same vein, impressing audiences with such love for gaming and growing up with raging hormones.

If you have just arrived at this review and you haven’t watched the first season, first of all, you are lucky. Secondly, you have a good few hours of solid anime to binge. Hi Score Girl Season 2 is equally as good; it prides itself on the same rules and principles. The opening episode opens a world where lingering adults glance their noses up to the sky at arcade games, while the teens yearn to push the buttons. Season 2 offers a blend of similar characters, with story strands overlapping to provide depth to the story.

The opening episode sees an Akira caring about games, but she also likes Haruo; this type of coming-of-age drama mixed with the idea that gaming comes hand in hand offers an emotional connection with the audience. If you are young, it will be relatable. If you are older, you will feel a slight sense of nostalgia. It’s difficult to remember a free life playing games every day without a care in the world while your body is still forming for adult life. Hi Score Girl Season 2 somehow brings back the memories.

Season 2 showcases tournaments, rivalries, teenage riddles, and unspoken words. Hi Score Girl Season 2 feels like a niche but it’s a formula of human desire. If you have not watched this anime yet, then what are you waiting for.

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