Home season 1 review – Apple TV+ docuseries reveals conceptual housing Changing the way we see homes.



Apple TV+ documentary series Home is more than just a housing catalogue, it introduces viewers to conceptual and visionary housing with a personal touch. The series could unfold the vision for the future.

Apple TV+ documentary series Home season 1 will be released on the platform on April 17, 2020 — head over to the platform now.

Despite the world in turmoil, it’s no surprise that the streaming war continues to unfold. Netflix has for some time now had a healthy run of documentaries, ranging from series to one-hit features. Apple TV+ is essentially following the same model — tackling similar similar categories and markets, ranging with different budgets. And here we are, with their new documentary series Home. 

Apple TV+’s Home is much more than a series about housing. If you are expecting a Homes Under the Hammer type series, then you’ll be duly disappointed. Home is conceptual — it introduces us to houses around the world that reimagines what we believe a home to be; it’s visionary and sometimes inspiring.

But what is telling about Home, is that the production team wanted to hone in on the personal lives. It tries to keep an intimate connection with the audience — it’s really a “home, not a house” approach, introducing us to the people who have made these unique homes possible. We often forget how much we take our living establishment for granted, and I believe this Apple TV+ series is fondly reminding us that we spend most of our lives in a house, and there are different ways of living in it.

In the opening episode, it introduces us to a family in Sweden who build an eco-home. The house itself is a traditional Swedish log house but it is surrounded by a greenhouse facility. The house has an eco-system that allows the family to consume fresh nutritions from the crop and preserve and recycle energy. They even built themselves a wastewater system — the house is a beating heart, helping a functioning, innovative family, so much so it’s turned the heads of the governments.

But it’s not just the house introduced in the opening episode of Home that is inspiring to look at — the family had to understand their autistic member, ensuring they built it so he was comfortable in his own quarters, including his bedroom and the surrounding areas.

Apple TV+ documentary series Home Season 1 will likely not be your first pick of the weekend across all four platforms, but if you are an enthusiast for this type of subject, then it is very much recommended.

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