Better Call Saul season 5, episode 10 recap – the finale explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 21, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 10 - Something Unforgivable


The only negative is that we will have to wait for next season. Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 10, “Something Unforgivable” is a breathtaking finish — an epic finale.

This recap of Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 10, “Something Unforgivable” contains spoilers and information on how it ended.

So what’s the aftermath to Kim Wexler’s moment in Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 10, “Something Unforgivable”?

Tense, very tense.

Kim looks slowly through the peephole of their apartment door. Both Saul and Kim are shaking. Saul tells the truth about the ambush, giving the full story. The couple decides to head to a hotel for safety. The next day, Saul does not feel it is safe for Kim to go to work the next day but Kim believes they should get on with their lives.

Saul does not look too sure of himself in the finale.

Meanwhile, Mike tells Gus that Lalo has headed to Mexico with Nacho; Mike suggests pulling Nacho out of there but Gus has other plans. Lalo and Nacho arrive in Mexico at Lalo’s home.

So does Kim get on with her day?

Yes, Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 10, “Something Unforgivable” sees her going to court, but strangely asking for more tricky cases.

But then Kim bumps into Howard and they catch up. Howard tells Kim everything; that he offered Saul a job and afterward he had bowling balls thrown at his car and prostitutes turn up to his client dinners. Surprisingly, Kim laughs at him. Howard states that Saul is not in control and that she only quit Mesa Verde for him. Kim scoffs at the idea, saying she makes her own decisions.

Kim is almost an entirely new person now.

Meanwhile, Saul freaks out and goes to Mike’s house and causes a scene. He wants Mike to level with him. Mike tells Saul that Lalo is going to die “tonight”.

Episode 10 ramps up the tension to a new level.

How does Nacho feel about being in Mexico?

Nacho is nervous as hell; he gets a call and he is asked to open the gate at 3 am and then get out quickly. In the meantime, he has to put on his best poker face, meeting the boss Eladio, keeping the conversation simple and making it look like he wants a promotion.

Nacho really is the man in the middle

What does Saul tell Kim when she returns from work?

Everything — he lets her know that Lalo is about to die and that they are safe. Kim is relieved and says “there’s not going to be a next time”. Saul seems beside himself and thinks they should check out and go home, but Kim ignores him and starts reading the menu, describing an angus burger.

In a turn of events, Kim tells Saul at dinner about her conversation with Howard and what he said and claims that “it’s all about him. He’s in love with himself”. Saul is clearly surprised but even more so when Kim seemingly jokes about what they should do to Howard next — they joke about shaving his head or rigging the chlorine in the swimming pool. They take their ideas into the bedroom, discussing more plans to bring down Howard over pillow talk. Saul thinks this is all a joke.

But then Kim thinks of a larger plan to destroy Howard’s career; make out that Howard bribed witnesses in one of the firm’s big class action cases — Kim references the Sandpiper case.

Is the assassination of Lalo successful?

No, which will cause ramifications down the line.

Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 10, “Something Unforgivable” places us at 3 am. Nacho goes outside to see Lalo enjoying a fire and a drink. They both have a drink and a casual chat but Nacho is extremely stressed as he needs to open the back gate. Nacho suggests getting stronger alcohol and heads back inside. He starts frying oil and goes back outside. Lalo suddenly sees smoke so heads inside.

Nacho quickly opens the gate and lets the men in while he flees.

But Lalo sees one of the men outside and takes cover. He throws the hot oil in one of the men’s faces and then makes his way to a secret passageway to leave the house. He then heads back into the house and kills the rest of the men.

Why is the conversation between Kim and Saul important?

So the Howard conversation continues and she is really pressing for a plan to bring him down. Saul says it would be hard to pull off and admits that Howard doesn’t deserve it and Howard would have had to do something unforgivable. Kim states they are talking about a career setback, but Saul states this is not Kim, not in the light of day.

Kim turns to Saul and says “wouldn’t I?” and gives him a smile. As she heads into the shower, Saul says “you s******g me right?”. Kim turns around and smiles again, and pretends to shoot two guns at Saul before blowing away the smoke.

The finale of Better Call Saul Season 5 demonstrates that Saul has brought out a Kim that he did not know existed. Kim has transformed whether for the worse or better. Saul may feel he’s created a monster. But this is important for the next season.

How does Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 10, “Something Unforgivable” end?

It had to end on Lalo as this was more his episode if anything. He speaks to one of the dying men and asks him to ring the person who ordered this job and say it is done. Lalo looks at his drinks and realises Nacho fled.

It’s going to be extremely difficult to top this season but if anybody can, it’s Vince Gilligan.

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