This Fool Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – “The Devil Made Me Do It”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2024)
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This Fool Season 1 Episode 8 Recap
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The formulaic and repetitive sitcom starts to bore as the characters continue to make the same mistakes and find frustrating ways to blame others for their faults. Viewers will struggle to find any redeemable qualities in this unlikable cast.

Part of Luis’ rehabilitation involves apologizing to those that he has wronged in This Fool Season 1 Episode 8. The Hugs Not Thugs program call this ‘amends’, where the criminal must make amends with those that they have slighted in the past. Luis struggles with his apologies, but manages to find a way to blame others and avoid fully committing to the process. While Luis skirts around his problems, cousin Julio does likewise with girlfriend Maggie.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

“The Devil Made Me Do It” opens with Luis apologizing to another tattooed fella. He talks about personal accountability and how he regrets shooting the man, even though it was hilarious. The victim quickly replies, stating that it wasn’t his fault, the devil made him do it. And this phrase plagues the entire episode, as Luis really runs with the idea and repeats this mantra over and over again. Luis apologizes, but the sentiment sticks. He takes a pamphlet about the devil and then burns his list of people he’s wronged, ignoring the process entirely.

Maggie and Julio are laid in bed, now clearly a loving couple once more. They talk of moving in together and fantasize about buying their own place. At the breakfast table, the entire family converse. The subject turns to Julio as per and they bully him about his slick hairdo. Julio’s sister asks Julio and Maggie to be her child’s godparents and they graciously accept. The Grandma floats the idea of them two marrying and having their own kids one day, which then scares Julio half to death.

Julio tries to undo this new title and begs his sister to change her mind. He worries that he’ll split up with Maggie eventually anyway and thinks it will be awkward. The commitment is killing him and he wants an out already. Julio convinces his nephew Aiden that Maggie is a bad person, saying that she bullies him and worships the devil. The nephew tells his mother and she relays it back to Julio instantly. Maggie is greatly offended and pummels her new boyfriend. Julio says it was just a joke, but he loses his godfather privileges instantly. Luis becomes the godfather and the devil-fearing criminal seems concerned by this huge responsibility.

At the communion, everybody shuns Julio and congratulates Luis. An old adversary ruins his perfect day though, asking for an apology. Luis says that the devil made him treat Johnny terribly and he refuses to apologize. During Aiden’s first confession, Luis muscles his way in, telling the priest that the devil made Aiden commit those minor sins so he shouldn’t have to apologize. Maggie continues to give Julio the silent treatment in church and it is revealed that most of the family don’t actually believe in God.

After being fired as godfather, Luis meets with the priest for some advice. The priest explains how confession works, if he confesses to his sins, he will be forgiven by God. Luis jumps at this easy out and is forgiven by the priest on the spot. Luis tells Johnny the good news, but he’s furious Luis won’t apologize still. The two get into a little scrap and Esperanza splits them up, calling Luis an idiot. Luis talks about the devil once more and she admits to not being a believer either. The whole family keep up this charade just for their Grandmother, who happens to be asleep during the party anyway.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 8 Ending

Julio tries to win Maggie back by accepting her proposal to move in together. To celebrate they decide to have sex in the middle of the party, but find Aiden in Julio’s room. Minister Payne becomes Aiden’s third godfather of the week and he talks to Luis about the amends. Luis rants on about the devil again and Minister Payne imparts his own sage advice. He tells Luis that God and the devil are all in his head and he must apologize to those he has wronged to appease these demons. Concluding that he’ll feel a lot better if he faces up to his actions. Luis proceeds to destroy a devil piñata, then apologizes to the whole party. The criminal says sorry to each individual, but manages to twist the apology into further embarrassments or jokes. It’s really one step forward, two steps back for these childish characters.

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