Reacher season 1 – who is Paul Hubble?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 4, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Who is Paul Hubble in season 1 of Reacher - amazon original series

This article, “who is Paul Hubble” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Reacher season 1.

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The character of Paul Hubble (Dark Matter’s Marc Bendavid) is minor compared to Jack Reacher. Not in physical size, however. Along with Paul’s wife Charlie (Smallville‘s Kristen Kreuk), their character plays an intricate role in the freshman series plot. So, that begs the question:

Who is Paul Hubble in season 1 of Reacher?

When we are introduced to Paul Hubble, he was approached by Margrave’s Chief of Detectives, Oscar Finlay (American Gangster’s Malcolm Goodwin), and his deputy officer, Roscoe Conklin (Little Women’s Willa Fitzgerald), head over to his home. Do they want to question him why his phone number was found on a scrap piece of paper on the bottom of a murder victim’s shoe? (The body turns out to be Jack Reacher’s brother, Joe, a government agent working on the case in Margrave).

When Hubble is asked about the issue, he immediately raises eyebrows with the police. How? Because he confesses to the crime without even being accused or pressed on the matter. He seems to be influenced by a black and ominous-looking sedan on the road he spots from his window when being questioned by Chief Detective Finlay. Oscar and Roscoe begin to ask themselves why would an accountant for Kliner industries seemingly confess and fall on the sword of a murder he did not commit?

All while leaving his loving wife and two young daughters now without a father?

What does Paul Hubble do?

Paul Hubble is arrested, and he and Jack Reacher are sent to prison for safekeeping. Reacher saves him from being brutally murdered by a group of skinheads (at first, Reacher thought he was the target, but it turns out it was Paul). After they are both bailed out of jail, Paul Hubble goes missing, and Reacher thinks he has been killed by whoever is cleaning up their mess in Margrave. We learn of Paul’s backstory from Charlie, who knew what Paul was up to at Kliner. He was forced to launder money for Kliner Sr. and KJ to send counterfeit hundred-dollar bills overseas.

It turns out the bad guys have been searching for Paul. He has been alive, hiding in South Carolina. Reacher locates him and brings him back to Margrave to save his wife and children. With the help of Reacher, Roscoe, Neagley, and Oscar, Paul brings Charlie and his daughter safely. He even shoots a bad guy in the process.

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