Reacher season 1 – who killed Joe Reacher?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 4, 2022
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Who killed Joe Reacher in Reacher season 1 - amazon series

This article, “who killed Joe Reacher,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Reacher, season 1.

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Jack Reacher had an older brother who always looked out for him. His name was Joe, an Army veteran, and he became an agent for the United States Secret Service. He held the title of the Director of Investigations. He was running the anti-counterfeiting department. Please note, in Lee Child’s Killing Floor, on which the first season is based, Joe worked as an agent in the United States Treasury Department. However, the Secret Service was established as a wing of the Treasury and remained there until it moved to the Department of Homeland Security after September 11th, 2001.

So, what brought a man like that to Margrave, Georgia? Well, Joe assigned this case to himself because he put an end to counterfeiting as we know it in the 90s with a set of procedures he set up. However, a new way of counterfeiting money has popped up, and he tracked the source to the small southern hamlet. And Joe did his homework. He found two professors specializing in mass undetectable counterfeiting on a global economic scale. In theory, mind you. Most of it is abroad, and 80% of it is the 100 dollar bill, as it is the most stable currency in the world.

Who killed Joe Reacher in Reacher season 1?

Joe Reacher made it to obtain the paper to make these “super bills” and had it down to one location. Except these bills are now popping up all over Georgia. Joe began to out that the counterfeiting bills are made in Georgia and shipped from Venezuela. This is why he was then killed. But, by who?

That’s when KJ Kliner makes it straightforward for Reacher — the youngest Kliner shot and killed Reacher’s brother.

Dawson beat the body, post mortem, and Chief Morrison was the one to cover Joe’s body barely. KJ nailed Morrison to his bedroom wall to cover up the crime by getting rid of a critical witness. He even tortured him to death. He admits to killing Molly Beth as well. Even his father. In fact, it may be easier to count how many people KJ hasn’t killed. Joe was getting too close. KJ’s father thought his son had acted impulsively, which is true. KJ admits to Reacher he has behavioral health issues that led to his mental health treatment. The young psychopath’s own words of the experience? “It didn’t take,” he says.

The question is: Does the former military policeman Jack Reacher get his revenge by killing KJ Kliner? Here is our final recap detailing what happened in the end!

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