Who died in Reacher season 1?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 4, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Who died in Reacher season 1 - amazon original series

This article, “Who died in Reacher season 1,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon series.

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Who died in Reacher season 1?

Agent Picard

Agent Picard is a crooked FBI Special Agent who worked with his partner, the Viking, that kept government officials, like that EPA agent and Reacher’s brother Joe, off the back of Kliner Industries. Oscar Finlay initially contacted him to protect Charlie Hubble and his daughters. He later kidnapped them and Officer Roscoe Conklin. In the book, he died with a fatal shot while caught on fire by Jack Reacher. Here, in the series, he returns to the warehouse injured after taking a bullet in the shoulder from Reacher. Finlay sticks two thumbs in the wound and kicks him under a printing press stamp, minting his death by crushing his head and upper torso.

Who says crime doesn’t pay.

Chief Morrison

The Margrave Police Chief was murdered in his home along with his wife. The Kliner cleanup kill crew killed him because he was involved in the operation and was tortured. They found him murdered, nailed to a wall, naked, and his testicles missing. They found them later in his stomach.

Dawson Kliner

Jack Reacher killed the Kliner muscle by finding his gun in the Hubble pool. A Kliner cleanup kill crew member, Dawson, had Reacher choked from behind with a crowbar. Reacher reached his giant arm around his back and unloaded a clip into his chest.

Joe Reacher

Joe is Jack’s older brother. He was a secret service agent working as the head of the office of investigations. He saw an anti-counterfeiting operation out of Margrave. When he got too close, he was gunned down by KJ (who boasted about it at the beginning of the season finale), and Dawson beat Joe postmortem.

Officer Aucion and Officer Ribidoux

When investigating the Viking in Arkansas, Office Ribidoux shot his partner in the head in their moving police cruiser. Why? Because apparently, someone (we can presume Kliner and friends) threatened his family. Reacher and Neagely were riding in the backseat and now trapped. They both kick in the barrier, pinning Ribidoux between the grate and the steering wheel. This causes him to drive the car off into a river, missing a bridge. As Reacher and Neagley are about to escape, Ribidoux asks for help. Reacher tells him that if he runs, Reacher will put him in prison, and he will likely be killed there. He gives him a choice, die quickly now, or suffer the consequences later. He chooses death now.

Reacher has always been a skilled negotiator.

Officer Stevenson, Mrs. Stevenson, and their unborn child

We thought Officer Stevenson was the mole for the Kliner’s for much of the series. It turns out he is one of the good ones. His questions only had to do with concern for his cousin, Charlie Hubble. His wife, who is pregnant with their child, and Stevenson discuss leaving town and moving closer to her parents. Unfortunately for him, he and his wife were murdered inside their home hours later.

They were not killed to cover up another loose end. Both were tied to chairs directly across from each other. The killers taped his eyes open and put mirrors around them to make him watch. They were trying to get information about Charlie.

Kliner Sr. and KJ Kliner

The younger Kliner, KJ, killed his father and made it look like their Venezuluan customers did so by cutting his neck the way special forces do. Later, when Reacher and friends rescue Charlie and her daughters at the warehouse, Reacher puts things right. He dunks KJ into the vat of chemicals used to clean those $100 bills and then kicks him with the giant foot that should be called a hoof into a burning pile of boxes.

He lights up easier than kindling.

Mayor Teale

The Mayor only cared about keeping the Kliner’s happy and running the foundation gravy train in that small southern town. He meets his end by being shot and killed by Officer Roscoe Conklin. He was handcuffed to a ventilation pipe, but he lifted a gun towards her, and she blew his head clean off.

Mrs. Reacher

Joe and Jack’s mother was shown in flashbacks. She was in France, dying of a disease they did not mention. Reacher says his goodbyes to her as he sits by her bedside. She also handed Reacher his grandfather’s service medal. When he leaves the building, he meets his brother Joe in the taxi, and he gives his little brother permission to cry.

We presume the only thing that can make that man cry is the death of his mother.

Molly Beth Gordon

The Secret Service agent was killed in the Atlanta train station. She was seen heading towards the stairs to meet Reacher, Finlay, and Roscoe, but then disappeared. She was found by Reacher, far down the subway tracks, bleeding out from an apparent wound caused by a gunshot or knife. It doesn’t matter. As Reacher approaches and holds her in his arms, Molly Beth thinks he is Joe. She then dies. The information she brought down about the case Joe was working on is not found on her and is missing.


The correction officer who wanted to give Reacher an unauthorized strip search was killed by the Venezuelan special forces assassins hired to clean up the Kliner mess. Reacher found him shot in the head in the killers’ car trunks.

The Kliner Cleanup Kill Squad (White Latex Suit Guy #2, White Latex Suit Guy #3, White Latex Suit Guy #4, White Latex Suit Driver)

Reacher takes the driver out by breaking the driver’s side window. He then pulls him through the broken window he smashed. As he lay on the ground he lifts his foot and, with one giant stomp, breaks his neck instantly. Reacher then draws one of the four in the house out, flashing the truck lights. Reacher slices his throat and throws him in a truck bed. When Reacher goes inside, he grabs another from behind and swiftly stabs his chest. Reacher grabs a third by distracting him. The former MP then comes from behind and stabs him in the right rib cage a dozen times.

Venezuela Special Forces Soldier #1 and Venezuela Special Forces Soldier #2

In one of the series’ best scenes, Reacher jumps out of a moving vehicle at night. He falls softly in a field. The car comes to a standstill when it loses steam going slightly uphill. He was being chased by two hitmen, former Venezuelan special forces. They do not find Reacher in the car as they pull up and approach. They slowly make their way towards a barn where the car stopped in front of them. As they do, Reacher pulls out that hand cannon Roscoe gave him and puts two bullets each in their back.

And there you go — a complete list of who died in Reacher season 1. 

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