Reacher season 1, episode 6 recap – “Papier”

By Marc Miller
Published: February 4, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Reacher may be a sinner, but he knows he has never sinned. He proves the point in “Papier” because every bad person he comes across has what’s coming to them.

This recap of Amazon’s Reacher season 1, episode 6, “Papier,” contains spoilers.

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Reacher season 1, episode 6 recap

The episode opens with Reacher telling Finley that they now know the paid killers are from Venezuela. How? Because of the way they cut Kliner’s neck. It’s called a Venezuelan cut, and it allows the victim to drown in their blood.

He heads to the nearest dive mechanic shop, the type that doesn’t fix a damn thing, but you know is stripping cars for parts in the back. Reacher needs a backup ride because everyone knows the Bentley he borrowed from the Hubbles. Reacher wants the windows tinted, and he pays the owner a couple of bucks to drive his beaten-up minivan around town.

Back at the police station, Finley avoids a haymaker from KJ, who accuses the Chief Detective of getting his father killed and sullying the good Kliner name. Mayor Teale takes him off the case and tells him not to go to the Kliner offices to investigate.

They both perform a stakeout near the Kliner shipping building. They bond over some nutritious beef jerky. Finley wonders why Reacher lets go of people so quickly because Finley can’t let go of anyone. He tells him that his wife died. He still pays his wife’s mobile still so he could hear her voice and leave messages. So, he took a job in Georgia to get away from it all.

They follow a truck from Kliner and track it to a motel in Tennessee. There, they take a look inside and find nothing. What is going on, they ask? They call the two professors Joe was working with. One has been killed (shocker). They wake up at 5 AM and tell her to immediately go to the nearest police station.

When Reacher gets there, she has quite the story to tell. She was one of two academics studying the effects of MUC — Mass Undetectable Counterfeiting and that 80% of existing US currency is in 100 dollar bills. How? Because the US has the most stable currency on the planet. Joe thought that fake US currency was being made in Georgia, just like Coke and some of that delicious peach pie.

Meanwhile, Roscoe relieves Picard at the FBI safe house and reveals her own. She tells Charlie she lost her parents and barely survived the wreck that claimed their lives. She was raised by her grandmother and became a cop to protect herself. The point of this story is to let Charlie know how resilient children can be.

Of course, Roscoe has her Spidey-sense up and finds two Venezuelan thugs in a car down the road, watching their place. They hear her breaking a twig with her foot and give chase. Roscoe warns the family to run, and they are in the thick of it now as the remaining Hubble family hides. Roscoe circles around and shoots to kill. They are killing one with a shot and knocking a grenade out of one’s hand. It then goes off.

You know, killing two Venezuelans with one gun.

The following day, as they wait for Picard (by the way, it must be him, right?), Charlie comes clean. She knew about her husband’s dealings the entire time.

Charlie tells Roscoe her husband was wined and dined into taking the bookkeeper job for Kliner Industries. Hubble was flown down to Venezuela. He performed a couple of tasks to test his knowledge. He is successful in transferring money for him.

Kliner immediately offers him a job that is four times the salary he makes now and a 50% take-home bonus annually. Too good to be true? Uh, yeah. Kliner then tells him the tasks he performed were highly illegal, and he is now implicated in their operation. He sees how they handle men who don’t join their ranks to make matters worse. They castrate a man and kill him right in front of Hubble. He had no choice.

The ending

The final scenes have Reacher pretending to be a lawyer to see the professor. As he leaves, he spots a man in the windows following him. As he turns the corner, he sprints to get ahead of him then attack when he turns. This killer is an upgrade. He even can match Reacher’s head, but his knife is so big it practically screams mine is more significant than yours. However, girth is girth, and Reacher has an ample supply. He breaks the man’s arm with a bicycle wheel. He splits his ankle in a stunningly swift stomp of his foot. Finally, he jumps off the fire escape holding the end of his tie wrapped around the bad man’s neck.

When the man lets go of his last breath, he lets go of the piece of silk. He landed on his feet and lets Norman Greenbaum play him off.

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