A Sunday Affair Ending Explained – who does Sunday choose?

February 15, 2023
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We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film A Sunday Affair, which will contain spoilers.

A Sunday Affair is about two best friends, Uche (Nse Ikpe-Etim) and Toyin (Dakore Akande), who end up falling in love with the same man (Sunday). He is a very charming yet flawed eligible bachelor. A love triangle senses with the women unaware that they are dating the same man, as per the synopsis on IMDB.

At first, Uche is the one to encounter Sunday, but he believes that she isn’t the type to be in a romantic relationship with and that she should be someone on the side. On top of that, he’s already married and ends up meeting Toyin on the train after the day he spent with Uche. So now Sunday is married and going after two women. The two best friends (since childhood) are beaming with their new relationship, but they avoid telling each other who the man is, so they don’t jinx it.

The story becomes more intricate as it goes on because of the decisions made by Sunday and what ends up happening in women’s lives. The women band together but have to keep lying to each other as they become closer to Sunday on their terms.

A Sunday Affair Ending Explained

How does Uche find out about Sunday and Toyin?

When Toyin discovers her cancer diagnosis, she runs to Uche to tell her. At the same time, Uche wants to tell Toyin about Sunday because he finally said to her that he loved her. However, when Uche finds out about cancer, she also finds out that Sunday cares for Toyin. Uche doesn’t tell Toyin that she was with Sunday for a bit because her best friend needed her support more so than her needing a man.

Who does Sunday choose?

After going back and forth for a while, Sunday ends up keeping both of them at his side. At first, he tells Uche that he’s in love with her and will choose her, but then Toyin tells him that she has stage three cervical cancer and promises he won’t leave her. On top of that, Uche gets pregnant with his child after he and Uche get together behind Toyin’s back one last time. After that, he stays by Toyin’s side, and Uche takes a step back from both of them. She only visits Toyin when Sunday isn’t around to keep that distance.

What happens to Toyin?

After being pregnant for nine months, Toyin had to stop the chemotherapy, or else her child wouldn’t develop. So, she chose her child’s life instead of giving herself a chance because she wanted to have the baby. Unfortunately, when she was close to her due date, she died, and her child went to Uche and Sunday. It is one of the most heartbreaking endings because Toyin got what she wanted for a short period, only for her best friend to live her life with the same man.

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