This Fool Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – “F*ck the Rich”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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This Fool Season 1 Episode 9 Recap
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In the penultimate installment, the writers go to dark places as they satirize the wealthy elite and philanthropy in general. It’s another mixed episode that has moments of comedy as well as some running gags that will surely irritate.

Executive producer Fred Armisen makes a guest appearance in This Fool Season 1 Episode 9, the penultimate installment. The Hugs Not Thugs program is running low on funds and is in desperate need of a large investment from a wealthy donor. Enter Fred Armisen as vile billionaire Richard Rowell, who Minister Payne absolutely detests. Will they get their donation or will someone spoil things before the rich snobs sign on the dotted line?

This Fool Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

The ninth episode opens with Luis and Julio carrying trays of cupcakes to the van. Luis is in a great mood as he is graduating from the program soon and Julio admits that he’ll miss his cousin when he leaves. They open the van to find Minister Payne naked in the back. He’s been sleeping in the van since he was evicted and confesses to Julio that the non-profit is running low on funds, with a serious cash flow problem. Minister Payne has a pure hatred for the rich and refuses to ask for any charitable donations. Julio decides to step up and make this his duty.

At Maggie’s, the couple look for their perfect apartment together. Julio grumbles about the financial issues at work and how he won’t be able to afford a home for the two of them. Maggie sees Richard Rowell on the news, bragging about his business empire and inherited wealth. Julio decides there and then to acquire a donation from these billionaires. It’s as easy as that.

Julio tells Minister Payne his plans, with the lead actor returning to his uppity old ways. The man is very much back on his high horse and tells Minister Payne that he’ll do everything needed to save this place. Luis beat boxes in the background while he updates his CV. The show has a real ear for finding the best ways to grate on its audience and Luis may be the king of this. Julio manages to book a tour with the Rowells and he tells Minister Payne to dress for the occasion.

The day of the Rowell’s tour and Julio delivers a pep talk. They’re in dire need of this investment and he begs that the team work together to put on their best performance. Minister Payne is visibly pessimistic about the whole situation and sluggishly slouches in the corner. The billionaire couple arrive via helicopter and are joined by photographers snapping their every move. The Rowells are patronizing and demeaning, yet smile from ear to ear at the criminals. Luis is beaming, desperate for his own pay-out and helps give the couple a tour. Criminals read from scripts, highlighting how poor they are and how beneficial the donations would be.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 9 Ending

The Rowells are shown around the facility and witness a group therapy session. Minister Payne is pressured into addressing Richard’s own trauma and tells him that he is a victim too. Richard starts to fake cry and then there’s chance for another photo op. Payne is clearly ready to snap and he does just that at the dinner table. He calls them out and swears at the donors. Then the lights cut out and Luis decides to serenade them with his beat boxing prowess. Payne apologizes and the Rowells admit that they enjoyed the abuse. Minister Payne says he’d do anything for this program and he is about to find out what that ‘anything’ could entail.

Money is finally addressed and the Rowells offer to donate fifteen million dollars to the non-profit. The team are gobsmacked by this generosity and thank the wealthy couple. Although there is obviously a caveat on the horizon. The billionaires announce their one condition, in return for the money they want to have sex with one of the team members. They explain the setup and Richard chooses his victim – Minister Leonard Payne. Julio tells his boss he doesn’t have to do it, but Payne has already made up his mind, he’ll take one for the team. It’s a dark, twisted finale that goes for the giggles and just about pulls it off.

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