This Fool Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2024)
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This Fool Season 1 Episode 10 Recap
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This Fool manages to redeem itself by the finale with some genuine humor and a new storyline that finally appears to be moving the series forwards into new areas.

In This Fool Season 1 Episode 10 (finale), it seems like there is a curse hanging over Julio’s head as bad luck follows the man wherever he goes. To add insult to injury, it looks like Luis is finally getting his life together, while Julio’s own sorry existence goes backwards. It’s a welcomed return to form in the concluding chapter, “A Fresh Start”, with the humor landing and the narrative branching out, although the show still struggles to develop likable, well-rounded characters.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Grandma believes the house is haunted and swears that an evil eye looms over Julio and Luis. She wants to spiritually cleanse the cousins. Luis accepts, whilst Julio feels he’s above all that and goes for a run instead. These two opposing decisions send the cousins on different paths, with Luis seizing the moment and growing as a person, while Julio is cursed with bad luck and slips backwards into old habits. This is instantly recognized when Julio trips and damages his ankle, then a bird defecates on his forehead.

Luis’ good fortune begins when he goes shopping for a new suit with Esperanza. The ex-convict is ecstatic with his new suit and the store owner even calls him the Mexican James Bond. As he chats with the owner, he spies a customer stealing and subsequently chases after the thief. Luis manages to catch him and returns the item, although he rips the suit in the process. He offers to pay for the damage, but the owner presents him with a job instead. Luis accepts the job opportunity as the store’s new security guard.

Julio and Maggie are considering buying their first apartment together and contemplate making an offer. Julio is up to his old tricks, finding faults in every eventuality. He complains, but Maggie promises to keep the new place clean and they decide to submit their application after all. As Julio presses the button on his laptop screen the oven over at Hugs Not Thugs explodes. Julio is well and truly cursed.

The next day at the program, Luis and Julio set up ready for the graduation ceremony. Minister Payne rushes in explaining the damaged ovens. He needs to buy a new one as soon as possible, else they’ll miss an important cupcake order. Minister Payne needs help with the negotiation and the moving of the new oven too. In the seller’s garage, Payne tries to barter over the initial offer. He argues with the owner and asks him to measure it again. When the owner leaves, Payne asks Julio and Luis to help steal the item. They both refuse, so Minister Payne starts to hammer dents into the appliance instead. The owner threatens to call the police, but eventually sells the oven at half price.

Minister Payne and Julio maneuver the oven down a steep hill. Another bird defecates on Julio’s head and he loses his grip on the oven. It then speeds down the hill, crashing into their van, which then explodes into a ball of flames. The trio aren’t too fussed as they have a cheque for fifteen million dollars coming their way. Minister Payne states that he lost their cheque though and needs a new one.

At graduation, Julio makes a grand speech to the reformed individuals. He jokes about bickering with Luis and then introduces the founder, Minister Leonard Payne. Payne screams at the crowd to stop applauding him and then announces that the program will be closing as they have ran out of money. Hugs Not Thugs is a quarter of a million in debt. The fifteen million dollar donation will never be coming. He couldn’t sleep with Richard’s wife after all and the billionaires tore up the cheque in front of him. Hugs Not Thugs is officially dead.

This Fool Season 1 Ending Explained

Julio returns to Maggie’s apartment, with his girlfriend excited to celebrate their acquisition of the apartment, but Julio is dejected. He explains how he’s unemployed now and worries about struggling to get a new job. Maggie is upbeat about the whole situation though, happy to help Julio out financially. Julio finds excuses once more and declines Maggie’s invitation to move into her flat while he looks for a new job. Julio admits that he doesn’t want to live with her and sometimes wonders why they are together at all. Maggie throws him out and Julio is left to hobble home alone.

Julio asks for his grandmother to cleanse him of the curse and he moves in with Luis in his new abode. Luis has really turned his life around. He now has a new job and his own place. Julio is newly single and ponders spreading his wings once more. The show ends with a nice little twist. Luis and Julio exit the apartment, which is actually a garage next door to Julio’s mother’s house. Esperanza calls them to cover the house with a tarp again, as another storm is coming. Julio and Luis argue as they walk off to do their chores.

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