This Fool Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – “Sh*t or Get Off the Pot”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2024)
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This Fool Season 1 Episode 7 Recap
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Flashy slow-motion shots and crazy situational comedy can’t save this series from mediocrity.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 7 continues to go to extremes as it searches for laughs, with Julio embarking on a rather eventful date with his ex-girlfriend Maggie out in Mother Nature. Meanwhile, Luis babysits his lively nephews and the criminal tries his best to impart some words of wisdom to the susceptible kids.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with a hectic household rushing about, squabbling for a change. Julio is supposed to be babysitting his nephews, but they find their Uncle to be a complete bore. The females of the house are off to Tijuana to visit the dentists and poor Luis just wants to watch the game on TV. Maggie arrives asking for Julio’s help and Luis suggests babysitting the nephews instead. As usual, Julio and Luis get into an argument and it is left to the Grandma to bark orders. Julio takes Maggie to pick up some items from a stranger off of the internet, while Luis is left with the kids.

Maggie drives Julio’s car and it doesn’t take him long to figure out something is amiss. Maggie’s car is decked with picnic paraphernalia and she’s clearly driving in the wrong direction. Julio feels tricked and Maggie admits to planning a hiking date. She wants to kick start their relationship after Julio’s birthday saga and their near-kiss. Julio protests, saying he’s been kidnapped, but Maggie has really tried with this one. This odd couple are constantly bickering, yet deep down Maggie wants this to work.

Luis looks after the kids whilst Julio and Maggie reconnect. His parenting style is typical of the childish thug. The two nephews and Luis pretend to wrestle, shoot each other with toy guns and eat all the unhealthiest treats they possibly can. Cue some more slow-motion editing as these activities transpire. I’m sure there is a Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace joke to be made (if you know you know), but this series relies too heavily on slow-mo.

As the on-again, off-again couple begin their trail, Julio complains relentlessly. He is annoyed about absolutely everything: being duped, the lack of phone reception, the mosquitoes, the mosquito spray, the weight of the picnic basket and so on. Julio even worries about an escaped mountain lion that could devour the couple whole. Maggie explains why she brought him here in the first place and how she just wants to do something nice for her ex. She’s put her all into this endeavor and Julio is ungrateful to say the least. Maggie has planned every detail, baking treats, packing a lovely spread and researching the hike so that they can end the day with a romantic view of the sunset.

They are overtaken by a sporty couple along the way. This incredibly fit duo are geared up in the appropriate clothing, with hiking sticks and perfectly sculpted derrieres. Maggie and Julio joke about these fitness freaks and later find them proposing in a scenic spot. The jealous duo decide to photo bomb the happy couple’s special moment and make vulgar gestures in the background.

Back at the house and Luis is getting to know his nephews on a much deeper level. He shows them his battle scars and tattoos. Luis asks about their school lives and they confess to being bullied. They plead with Luis to go and teach the bully (and his father) a lesson. Luis says he’s a changed man now and thanks to Hugs Not Thugs has learnt to talk about his problems instead of resorting to violence. The nephews manage to persuade him to fight though. They turn up on the bully’s doorstep, but the father is massive. Luis nervously explains the situation and the giant of a father lets them inside.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 7 Ending

Maggie gets the two of them lost and then Julio starts to have stomach cramps. The couple argue about cheating on one another. Then Maggie reveals that she accidentally fed Julio cookies that were baked with butter and his tummy woes finally make a lot more sense. He asks for some privacy, but Maggie refuses to leave, telling him to ‘let go’. They kiss as Julio evacuates his bowels, in one of the show’s more unbelievable sections. This is then shortly followed by an equally bizarre shot as the rival couple make it to the cliff’s edge and watch the sun setting, although that pesky mountain lion is creeping up behind them, ready to attack. Again, the series aims for these big laughs, but misses the mark.

Luis’ own misadventure is just as hopeless. The bully’s dad ends up being Juan, someone who Luis bullied as a child. When Luis bullied Juan at school he was referred to as Tiny Juan, but now he is a rather large adult. Juan wants his own back and comes at Luis with a large kitchen knife. The man trips on a toy car though and ends up slicing his own fingers off. Juan screams at the sight of the gushing blood and Luis gathers up the nephews and flees. The nephews think Luis caused the screaming and he’s more than happy to let them believe this fantasy. Luis returns home having escaped a beating, whilst Julio arrives smelling rather disgusting and announces with a sigh that he is back together with Maggie. Both adults realize that they’ve made many terrible mistakes in their lives and are struggling with this adulting malarkey.

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