The Expanse season 5, episode 7 recap – Naomi takes a calculated risk

January 13, 2021
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When you think this story cannot surprise you even more, “Oyedeng” brings a slow-burning, emotional 45-minutes that ends in stressful circumstances, leaving viewers on edge.

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When you think this story cannot surprise you even more, “Oyedeng” brings a slow-burning, emotional 45-minutes that ends in stressful circumstances, leaving viewers on edge.

This recap of Amazon’s The Expanse season 5, episode 7, “Oyedeng” contains significant spoilers.

The opening

The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7 opens up with Naomi daydreaming and remembering the past of bringing up a young Filip with Marco — it’s a demonstration of simpler, more loving times; much different to the present day. On the ship, Marco asks Filip if he can make better use of Naomi’s ship. He wonders if there’s sentimental value as his son has been spending more time with Naomi. Filip insists the ship means nothing to him. At this stage, we have no idea what Marco’s horrific plans are, and it brings a question mark for the rest of the chapter.

Marco and Naomi talk history in an intense chat about Filip

Marco visits Naomi in his cell and reminds her of the “happier times”. Naomi tells Marco that she wanted Filip to know she loves him. Marco gets emotional, explaining that he thought Naomi had the same thoughts as him and raised Filip to be a fighter. This becomes a battle between parents, arguing about Filip’s upbringing, which turns into a competition of who is more of a man — Marco or Holden? Marco tells Naomi that he hasn’t killed her because he doesn’t want Filip’s mother to abandon his son again. He frees her from the cell. How many times has Naomi being freed from her cell? This time, Marco has a strategy in mind, and “Oyedeng” shows his strong manipulation.

Naomi has a rare emotional moment with Filip that changes the feeling of their story

Naomi tries a different approach with Filip and tells him that she wants to know more about him. She uses a softer tone that seems to work. Naomi delves into a time she met his father and how he made her feel like the “center of the universe”, which made her blind. Naomi asks Filip if he feels any remorse, and wants him to “one day” regret what he’s done. “Killing people does not make you strong” — these words resonate so easily and are well-scripted and timed. Naomi loses her tone and suggests that Marco has a hold over Filip.

Filip claims he doesn’t need his father or his mother. Naomi puts her arm around Filip as he gets slightly emotional. This is the first soft moment between the two since Naomi has been on the ship — Naomi insists she never wanted to leave him and “walking away” is the only choice everyone ever has, hinting that he needs to leave Marco. It’s so painful watching Naomi here, knowing how close she was to reach her son emotionally and rationally.

Video exchange between Alex and Holden

Alex and Bobbie get a reply from Holden. He tells them to go back to Tycho. Alex responds that Mars is selling weapons to Marco Inaros. Holden, Bull, and Monica are shocked by Marco’s firepower — Bull isn’t confident they can take them on, and Monica reiterates finding the protomolecule is more important. Holden asks Alex to keep track of Marco, so they do not lose Naomi.

Monica has a hunch and tells Holden that someone high up the food chain is helping Marco. Holden admits that he did have a sample of the protomolecule and asked Naomi to give it to Fred. The conversation turns to Naomi, and Holden reveals that Naomi had a child with Marco. This scene was more to fill the gaps that Monica was not aware of if anything.

Naomi pleas for help from Cyn

Naomi tells Cyn that Marco taking Filip ruined her life. Cyn regrets where things have ended up, and admits helping Marco to hide Filip. The pair cry, emotions running high as their history unravels — years of friendship in turmoil. Naomi asks Cyn to help her to make amends.

Roci finds Zmeya

Holden is alerted by Bull regarding Zmeya — he believes that they know their ship is looking at them. They have finally found them, and Holden asks the crew to suit up. Meanwhile, Marco finds out that the Roci has found Zmeya and he blames Cyn and Filip for bringing in Naomi and compromising their cause. Cyn gets irritated and asks Marco why he continues trying to hurt Naomi. Marco gets angry and tells Cyn that if the issue with Naomi troubles him, then he is free to go.

Holden and the crew have to activate evasive maneuvers because of torpedos heading their way. They manage to take them all down. They then ready drones in case of an ambush and radio into Zmeya and ask them to power down so they can board. However, the Zmeya explodes before their eyes. Something is obviously not right — it’s clearly a slow-burning episode leading to something shocking.

Filip asks his father for the responsibility which prompts a passionate response

Filip tells Marco that he wants to command one of the ships. He feels he is ready to help him lead and wants others to know “who he is”. Marco is irritable and lists what he has done and claims he has weaknesses. He then shows a video of Belters chanting his name — “You are nothing without me // you played a part in our victory”. Marco ends his speech to tell Filip that he is his heir and will lead once he’s gone. Suddenly, the crew starts chanting Filips’ name as his father smiles. This scene is more than a villainous demonstration — it shows power in Marco’s words and proves Naomi’s points; the man has a way to make anyone feel they are on top of the world.

Marco lets Naomi free, but there’s a twist

And then The Expanse season 5, episode 7 brings a cold ending that shows the true extent of Marco’s power to overthrow people and use his influence to undermine those he is connected with. Audiences should have seen it coming, but the chapter is scripted in such a subtle way that it barely even surfaces as a hint.

Marco requests Naomi’s presence and grants her request — she’s free to leave, but there’s a twist. He reveals that they’ve used her ship to lure the Roci and that they will destroy it. Naomi is furious and calls him a monster, but Marco shocks her further by revealing that Filip inspired it. Naomi begs Filip and tells him not to do this, claiming that he’s not like his father. Filip slaps his mother and accuses her of poisoning him with words to make him weak. It appears that Naomi’s soft approach hasn’t worked with Filip, and Marco used it against her; it’s evident he knew these conversations were happening. Marco calls her “nothing” and then his men drag her away.

The ending

Cyn has a change of heart and locates Naomi on the ship, however, Filip sees what he’s doing. As Naomi is about to leave, Cyn tells Naomi that he knows that “look on her face” and tells her “not to do this”. He tells her he can fix it with Marco. Naomi turns around and says “you shouldn’t have followed me”. Noticeably, in her hand, she’s holding some injection. Naomi opens the airlock and jumps out to head for her ship — she doesn’t have long until she fully suffocates. By opening the airlock, Cyn cannot breathe either, and presumably, he’s dead. As she gets closer to her ship, she injects herself and floats inside. This was a pulsating ending, and almost as effective as episode three.

When you think this story cannot surprise you even more, The Expanse season 5, episode 7 brings a slow-burning, emotional 45-minutes that ends in stressful circumstances, leaving viewers on edge.

Will Naomi warn Holden in time? Is Filip fully on board with his father, or is there a slight chance that his mother’s words worked on him?

Additional points
  • Holden admits to Bull that he never trusted Fred because he always felt he was playing “an angle”. Bull tells Holden they were alike.
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