The Expanse season 6, episode 4 recap – “Redoubt”

December 31, 2021
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Waiting another week after this episode feels a little underwhelming.

This recap of Amazon’s The Expanse season 6, episode 4, “Redoubt,” contains spoilers.

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If I’m candid, I’m expecting more by episode 4 of the final ever season. There will be a “big bang” moment in the last two chapters, but there’s an argument here that a binge-model release could have sufficed. Waiting another week after this episode feels a little underwhelming.

The Expanse season 6, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens in Laconia; family, friends, and acquaintances are absorbing the tragic moment — Kara’s brother has died in an accident. Kara is taught the importance of grief and the reality of it. Suddenly, one of the adults in the room seems alarmed. There’s something underlying going on. But once again, Kara has her own personal mission, and she wheels her dead brother outside, late into the night, unnoticed.

On the Ceres Station, loyalists to the Free Navy are re-energizing themselves after a recent attack. They refuse to allow the Inners to negotiate peace. Meanwhile, Avasarala is discussing with her team the humanitarian crisis after the attack killed many. There’s pressure to attack, but Avasarala does not want to commit her forces.

The Rocinante is en route to the Ceres Station. Bobbie is annoyed that the missile she launched at Marco Inaros’s crew did not explode. Peaches shows Amos the torpedo diagnosis, and she confirms they were all fine; she reveals that the torpedo was disabled. Amos confronts Holden about the torpedo being disabled — he’s furious because he can’t see if it was the right thing. After all, they could have ended Marco. Holden does not appear to have an explanation and firmly states it was his call to make.

Holden speaks to Naomi, and he states he saw Filip Inaros on the screen; he reveals that the torpedo didn’t fail and that he disarmed it. He couldn’t kill Naomi’s son. Naomi is annoyed that Holden chose her feelings over the bigger picture. Holden reveals he cannot be the one that kills her son. Naomi wants to win, and she reminds Holden that she tried to save Filip. Later on, Peaches tells Holden to never feel bad for not killing someone.

We then move to The Pella, in the Belt. Marco and his crew are recovering after a recent battle with the Rocinante. Filip has been demoted, and he’s now an engineer. The commander requests Filip’s presence and wonders if he’s still angry. She doesn’t want Marco to be distracted by him and wants amends to be made so support and counsel can be provided. The conversation does not remotely entertain Filip.

Filip looks at the outer layers of the ship, and he finds the torpedo with a crew member. They learn that the torpedo is disarmed and that it will not explode. They put it down to a “malfunction.” Filip wonders if it was a malfunction. It’s worth adding that this feels like a weak subplot by the time the episode ends, as it does not lead to anything.

Drummer and her team carry out a risky raid on one of Marco’s supply depots. While on the depot, her team is attacked and ends up in a gunfight. One of them ends up dead, but they manage to kill their attackers. But, they end up struck again, and this time, Josep ends up badly wounded underneath a storage container. Michio cuts off his arm to let him free as he screams in agonizing pain.

Angry and emotional about recent events, Drummer sends out a message, calling Marco Inaros a coward. The message reaches the Free Navy via the media. She tells him that he will die empty and that she will always be known for taking back what he stole. Drummer is now fearless, and it’s wonderful to see.

The ending

Monica releases a news report regarding Ceres Station. Avasarala states the footage makes them look weak, but Monica raises that it makes “both sides look weak” and “that’s the point.”

Filip is furious about Drummer’s message and reminds the crew what side they are on. He hails a war cry and states, “there’s no turning back now!” Filip has chosen a side, and he remains loyal to his father’s efforts.

Navigation logs

  • The commander reminds Marco Inaros who he is and what he represents; she wants to center him back to his objectives.

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