The Expanse season 5, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

December 16, 2020
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“Exodus” lays out the opening premise, defining each character’s objectives and desires, bringing home a story worth staying engaged for.

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“Exodus” lays out the opening premise, defining each character’s objectives and desires, bringing home a story worth staying engaged for.

This recap of Amazon’s The Expanse season 5, episode 1, “Exodus” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Exodus” begins with the description of Rock #9, iron-nickel core that has a target impact of 21 megatons, 173 days after launch. The scene then flits to the U.N.S Hasami Science Ship near Venus. The science crew experience a malfunction and the alarm systems go off, causing panic. A squad boards led by Filip Inaros and they demand information on the rock. The entire crew is assassinated as they take samples. In the next scene, a man is left behind on top of the ship that is about to explode; his leg gets stuck as he was carrying out a mission, and Filip leaves him behind. “Exodus” opens up Season 5 dramatically, forming the basis for the rest of the chapter.

Naomi may know where her son is

Fred Johnson speaks to Naomi; he tells her a Belter scythe was put in repair two days ago and an OPA informant believes they have seen her son. Naomi starts getting emotional as she sees an image. “Exodus” sees Naomi’s last chance of coming to fruition.

Amos protects civilians

The Lazy Songbird (Belter Ferry), is en route to Luna. Amos Burton is aboard getting used to his surroundings and settling down. The people in his cabin seem surprised he is deciding to stay with them. Suddenly, these people are asked about their insurance — Amos threatens the man who is doing the insurance checks. In the bathroom, Amos is attacked, but of course, he sorts the men out with ease.

Monica tries pressing Holden on protomolecules

Monica joins Holden at the bar. She tells the man he looks well-rested as the pair make small talk. Monica wants to talk about the protomolecule for a new story; she’s wondering if Holden got a sample of it. He tries to claim there’s none left, but Monica thinks it’s a lie and fears the damage it can do.

Black market weapons

Bobbie is trying to uncover a black market process on weapons. She feels the time is running out as the operation is closing down. She wants more money to dig deeper.

Holden warns Fred

Holden speaks to Fred and asks if he’s involved in protomolecule research. He feels Fred is playing with fire. Holden then shows research on the Ilus Artifact; he explains that the entities created the Artifact and destroyed the protomolecules, wiping out a whole civilization in an instant. Fred looks concerned at the threat. Holden believes every time he passes through the rings, he senses they are getting angrier. Fred believes Holden is worried about pure speculation. This is a conversation on science versus facts as both men cannot see eye to eye on their results.

Alex isn’t part of the family anymore

On Mars, Alex meets his wife Talissa and tries to apologize. She isn’t ready for the conversation and tells Alex he isn’t apart of their family anymore. Afterward, he rings his son — it’s been a while since they’ve spoken to each other properly rather than through messages. Later on, Alex meets Bobbie at the bar. The pair catch up, and Bobbie says she is “kind of” unemployed; she seems frustrated with the catch-up and talks about being realistic — she tells Alex to get over his family and move on.

Naomi rejects Holden’s help

Naomi tells Holden that she knows where her son is after Fred helped her. Holden wants to help her, but she denies his help, revealing that she’s leaving in a few hours without him. She reminds him that Filip’s father is Marco Inaros. Holden doesn’t want her to go alone because it’s too dangerous. Naomi sees this as her last chance before Marco tries killing her son. You can tell Holden is pained in this conversation, he knows full well he has to listen to Naomi. He has no choice in the matter — at least for now, in the opening chapter.

A brief meeting with Avasarala

Amos arrives at Lunas, and he’s immediately given an escort. He’s taken to Chrisjen Avasarala; she wonders why he wants to return to earth. Amos claims he wants to return to Baltimore because a friend of his has died and he wants to settle their personal affairs. Admiral Delgado then interrupts their conversation, and he has news from the Belt. Amos leaves, and as he does, Avasarala asks if he intends to kill anyone.

The ending

Admiral Delgado gives Avasarala an update and tells her about the science ship that was attacked and that there’s a 53% chance that Marcos was behind it.

“Exodus” ends showing each character on a different path. Their objectives are completely different. Avasarala watches a video of Marcos’s rallying cry to his supporters. Meanwhile, Marcos is readying his plans.

After a dramatic opening, The Expanse season 5, episode 1 lays out the opening premise, defining each character’s objectives and desires, bringing home a story worth staying engaged for. Of course, as it is the first chapter, there’s plenty of questions, but for now, the Amazon series is keeping it level-headed.

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