After Life season 2, episode 3 recap – Sandy’s birthday

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 24, 2020 (Last updated: last month)
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Netflix series After Life season 2, episode 3


After Life season 2, episode 3 sees the paper at risk of getting sold and it’s Sandy’s birthday, so Tony is determined to make it special for her.

This recap of Netflix series After Life season 2, episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

So how does After Life season 2, episode 3 start?

Episode 3 opens up with the postman outside having breakfast on Tony’s porch. As usual, Tony is irritated by this, explaining that what Pat is doing is weird. Tony tells Pat that Roxy wants to meet him, which was surprising in itself.

It’s Sandy’s birthday.

Yes, our hard office worker at the papers is celebrating her birthday in Episode 3. Everyone wishes her happy birthday but Tony soon gets into an argument with Kath, dismissing the certainty of horoscopes, claiming they are rubbish.

Sandy seems down about turning 30, so Tony takes her for a coffee. She apologizes to Tony for telling him that she wishes for him to be happy. Tony explains that she does not need to apologize for that — “I miss doing nothing with Lisa”.

Tony and Emma’s half-spoken conversations are still happening.

At the carer’s home, Tony approaches Simon and has an awkward conversation with him in front of Emma. Tony is clearly jealous. When Tony claims that Simon is being fake, Emma says it is old fashioned being “nice and lovely”.

Emma admits that she likes Tony more than Simon, but that Tony is not an option because he doesn’t want to be with another woman. Tony states he loves what they have “right now, whatever this is”. Emma says not everyone is the same.

How’s Matt doing?

It seems to be going from bad to worse for Matt — the owner of the paper tells him that the firm is losing money and is wondering if he could sell up. Matt breaks the news about the owner’s intentions to the staff. Kath cockily claims she can get another job easy but Sandy gets upsets, stating that this is the only job she has loved.

A caring Tony tells Sandy that they will find a way to save the paper — he promises her that this will happen.

So what does Tony do?

The team holds a meeting about “how to save the paper” in After Life season 2, episode 3. The team talks about covering the man who thinks he got bummed by a ghost — Kath thinks the paper would benefit from more gossip.

The team sings happy birthday to Sandy and Tony remembers a time he smashed cake in Lisa’s face. He throws cake on Sandy and they have a cake fight. Matt gets annoyed and asks Tony if he will join him for a drink because he feels lonely.

I genuinely felt sorry for Matt in this scene.

Matt and Tony head out for drinks.

When out for drinks, they see the therapist and his friends. The therapist starts revealing information about their private lives — breaching confidentiality agreements which irk Tony. Matt tells Tony that maybe the therapist is right, maybe he should have sex with other women.

Matt nervously sits at a table to talk to some women, even though Tony insists he should stay away. Matt talks to the women who are clearly not interested and he does a bad job talking to them properly. Emma and Simon then show up at the pub; Tony seems bothered by it so leaves.

How does Pat and Roxy’s date go?

Rather well! They are both very nervous but they end up laughing a lot together and agree to a second date. Who knew Pat had it in him.

How does After Life season 2, episode 3 end?

Tony ends up ending the day watching a video of Matt and his wife’s first dance but the camera is focused on Lisa.

Other points?

  • George asks Tony if his mum and dad are getting a divorce. Tony tells him they’ll end up being better parents.
  • The therapist tells Matt to go out and get laid.
  • Tony tells Matt he should be proud of himself if people need him.

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