After Life season 2, episode 4 recap – the greatest achievement

April 24, 2020
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After Life season 2, episode 4 sees Tony continuing to struggle but his kindness continues to shine through.

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After Life season 2, episode 4 sees Tony continuing to struggle but his kindness continues to shine through.

This recap of Netflix series After Life season 2, episode 4 contains significant spoilers.

So how does After Life season 2, episode 4 start?

Matt sees his therapist again — it defies all logic that this therapist continues to make money. Matt admits he has been crying about his wife. The therapist tells him it is pathetic and women don’t want that — “Being you won’t get her back”.

He tells him to be a man.

Is there an interview in Episode 4?

There is, Lenny and Tony meet a woman who has had a lot of plastic surgery, so much so her face is paralyzed. She reveals that she kept going back to the same surgeon that kept getting the surgery wrong.

She admits she may have a problem.

What’s happening with Emma in episode 4?

Well, Emma tells Tony that she cannot wait around and then they have a little argument. Tony asks the nurse if it was just a drink with Simon. She said yes but “it may not always be a drink though”.

She’s laying out the rules at this point, making Tony wants her more.

Matt may be getting his wife back.

At the midway point of After Life season 2, episode 4, Matt’s wife comes to the office to drop his jumpers off. Matt asks her if she wants to go to the talent night, and reveals that Kath wants to go with him. She suddenly changes her mind and accepts the invitation, clearly seeing Kath as a threat. Matt tells Kath in the middle of the office that he’s off to the talent night with his wife and his son George, and then Tony, with comedic timing blurts out, “I’m killing myself that night” — previously, Matt told Tony to tell Kath that Matt cannot go to the talent night because he was going to kill himself, to get out of going to the event with Kath.

Tony shows his gentle side and takes Kath out for a coffee as she’s upset over Matt. Tony tells Kath that Matt should be flattered and that he wishes he showed more of his feelings towards Lisa. Kath appreciates the coffee.

How is Tony though?

He’s struggling just as much as he did in Season 1. After his coffee with Kath where he brought up his wife, he walks around town drinking wine from a bottle. He meets Anne on the bench and she drinks the bottle of wine with him.

“Lisa was my greatest achievement.”

Tony wants to be normal again but feels he is too weak.

How does After Life season 2, episode 4 end?

Tony meets the owner of the newspaper and asks him nicely not to close it down. The owner states that he doesn’t exactly need the money, but it would be good to have a woman in his life.

Tony tells Sandy the good news about the paper and she wells up.

Tony seems to be a much kinder person in Season 2.

Other points?

  • Tony asks Roxy about her date. She says he is funny. Postman Pat comes over to speak to her and they have breakfast together in Tony’s house.

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