After Life season 2, episode 5 recap – the talent show

April 24, 2020
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After Life season 2, episode 5 sees the village partake in the talent show and Tony learning some news that will change his life forever.

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After Life season 2, episode 5 sees the village partake in the talent show and Tony learning some news that will change his life forever.

This recap of Netflix series After Life season 2, episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

So how does After Life season 2, episode 5 start?

Episode 5 opens up with Tony watching a video of Lisa while she’s having chemotherapy and she’s feeling a little down. The videos seem to be getting sadder and sadder, and it clearly does not help Tony’s mental health.

In the next scene, Tony and Lenny interview someone who has been posting his letters by accident in a dog waste bin. This was truly one of the funnier gags in the series.

Will there be a breakthrough for Tony and Emma?

Tony tries to ask Lisa to join him for the local talent night but she declines, stating she is working. Tony then meets his friend Anne on the bench. Anne admits that her friendship with Tony means a lot to her. Tony kindly asks Anne if she’d like to attend the talent night. Tony also invites the owner of the paper.

He’s trying to matchmake.

How is Sandy doing in Episode 5?

Well, she has been quite depressed in Season 2. She’s unhappy in Episode 5 because she feels like the only one who doesn’t have a date. Tony explains to her that he also doesn’t and asks her not to wallow.

Tony then states that he knows where he is with his grief and that he wishes he danced with Lisa every time she asked.

How does the talent night go?

At the midway point of After Life season 2, episode 5, Kath brings a date to the talent night and introduces the man to Matt and his wife, which was extremely awkward. She’s clearly not attracted to her date. Pat brings Roxy. Meanwhile, Emma is smiling at a photo of Tony when he was a boy in his father’s room.

The talent show is cheesy as hell; Brian does a failed stand-up which is inappropriate for children, Rebecca does poetry and Lenny’s son does a weird ballet performance.

How does After Life season 2, episode 5 end?

Emma texts Tony and asks him to call her. At this moment, I expected romance but she gives him the bad news — Tony’s father has passed away. A dejected Tony heads over and she tells him that his father died in his sleep.

Tony reminisces over his father and wonders if he ever made him unhappy. Emma warmly tells him that she has never seen any son visit their father in a care home every day.

Tony admits to Emma that she had his attention the first time he set his eyes on her and asks her to stay while he sits with his father. They hold hands.

Afterward, Tony goes home and watches a video of him and his father getting drunk and playing cards as his wife watches.

He needs his friends now more than ever.

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