After Life season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

April 24, 2020
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After Life season 2, episode 6 sees the funeral but also a breakthrough in Tony’s mental health. Emma also makes a decision on Tony.

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After Life season 2, episode 6 sees the funeral but also a breakthrough in Tony’s mental health. Emma also makes a decision on Tony.

This recap of Netflix series After Life season 2, episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

So how does After Life season 2, episode 6 start?

Episode 6 opens up with Tony watching a video of his father dancing with Lisa; two people have gone from his life. His dog timely puts its paw on Tony’s chest which is heartbreaking and cute to watch.

Tony then tells Matt that his father has died. Matt offers his condolences, explaining that Tony’s father was a man with little money but he was a lovely man. Tony leaves the office and Matt tells everyone in the office of the sad news.

Tony has made it clear that he does not want sympathy.

What does Tony do after?

Tony heads to the care home to pick up his father’s things. He asks Emma about Simon, who claims he is just company. Tony doesn’t know why they can’t carry on as they are, like Groundhog Day. Emma lays it down and says she doesn’t want Groundhog Day.

After Life season 2, episode 6 ponders a decision for both characters.

Why is Roxy worried about Tony?

Roxy finds sleeping pills wedged in Tony’s couch and becomes concerned to learn that he still has suicidal thoughts. Tony admits Roxy reminds him of Lisa sometimes as “she has to be okay before anyone else is” and tells the story of how he had to say “goodnight” before she tried to go to sleep.

Is there an interview in the final episode?

Tony and Lenny interview a 50+-year-old man who identifies himself as an 8-year old school girl. Considering Ricky Gervais gets a lot of heat from the transgender community about his past jokes, this will surely flare the argument up again. Tony speaks to the daughter who is embarrassed about this story going into the paper.

Tony tells her that it’s her father and she’ll miss him when gone.

How does the funeral go?

At the funeral, Tony makes a funny and heartwarming speech about his father — “He said he was such an ugly baby, Hitler declared war”. In his speech he thanks Emma for looking after him — “He loved you. I can see why”.

After the funeral, he tells Emma that it might not be Groundhog Day forever. Emma offers her condolences again and walks off.

How does After Life season 2, episode 6 end?

The last scene of Season 2 is actually quite tense. Tony is watching Lisa making a video saying “goodnight gorgeous”. He says goodnight back to the video and Lisa replies on the video with “good, you said it, now you can sleep”. In a whirlwind of depression, Tony grabs his sleeping pills and puts them all in his hand, while his dog barks at him angrily, obviously sensing something is wrong.

But then someone knocks on the door. It’s Emma and she says, “I’ll take Groundhog Day’.

So what does this mean?

Well, she’s willing to wait for Tony to be ready and in the meantime, she will enjoy his company.

Other points

  • Matt tells his therapist that he might be getting back with his wife. The therapist tells Matt he’s fed up of people whinging.
  • Pat gives Tony a postcard about his father. Tony says he struggles with kindness and apologises to him for being an a***hole.
  • The owner of the paper sits next to Anne on the bench and he says he lost his spouse as well.

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