Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 2 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 27, 2020
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Netflix series Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 2 - ... had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida


Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 2, “… had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida” sees a rather flustered Devi potentially losing her virginity.

This recap of Netflix series Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 2, “… had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida” contains significant spoilers.

So how is Devi handling the prospect of having sex with Paxton in Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 2, “… had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida”?

Well, it opens up with Devi having a sex dream about him. She tells her therapist about the Paxton situation but Dr. Ryan wonders why she is not ready to talk about her deceased father.

I’m sure the issues surrounding her father’s death will come to light in later episodes. It’s clearly important to the story.

And so Eleanor apologizes to Devi about keeping her boyfriend a secret. But with Devi on cloud-nine about Paxton, she claims she’s good and happy with it. She bursts and tells Fabiola and Eleanor about Paxton.

She of course made out like Paxton hit on her.

Does Devi arrange a time and date for sex with Paxton?

Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 2, “… had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida” sees Devi confidently approaching Paxton in front of his friends and asking if he wants to hang out later. Paxton suggests that she heads to his place later but she has orchestra practice so she declines, however, during practice, she experiences bad memories of her father dying so she storms out.

Devi heads to Paxton’s car and they head to his renovated garage. He takes off his shirt, but Devi freaks out and makes an excuse to go home.

Later, while studying with her friends, she tells Fabiola and Eleanor that she might not be ready for sex due to inexperience. The group of friends do kegel exercises and learn different sexual positions

What does Devi do next?

Devi heads over to Paxton’s garage apparently ready for sex. As she heads to his bathroom to freshen up, she meets Paxton’s sister and she gives her outfit advice. Paxton is mad that Devi introduced herself and tells her to go home.

Wait, why was Paxton angry?

His sister has some form of disability — although it is not specifically stated, it’s likely she has Down syndrome.

The next day, Devi tries to talk to Paxton, but he ignores her. Her friends assume she has lost her virginity and she does not tell them the truth.

Emotions spill over for Devi; in class, she clashes with Ben on Nazi facts. She gets angry and says she wishes that the Nazis killed Ben (he’s Jewish). Devi apologises in front of the principal and gets up about being “messed up”.

How does Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 2, “… had sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida” end?

Later in the evening, Paxton heads to her house and apologises, stating he’s protective over his sister. Paxton doesn’t think they should have sex any more and as they walk away from each other, Paxton looks back.

It seems Paxton may like Devi genuinely.

Other points

  • Eleanor and Fabiola have a date arranged but in one of the scenes Fabiola is checking out another girl.
  • Kamala prepares for a video call with her prospective husband. Nalini intervenes on the video call to help her out.
  • Paxton speaks Japanese.
  • Devi tells Ben she’s seeing someone. He doesn’t believe her, so she tells him she’s about to “get railed” and he looks at her shocked.
  • Devi returns home and is angry at her mother for selling her father’s moped. Nalini has a flashback memory of her husband taking her out on the moped and taking her to the beach. She decides to keep the moped.
  • Kamala has to break up with Steve due to the potential arranged marriage.

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