Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 5 recap – “… ruined someone’s life”

July 15, 2021
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Devi has a way of ruining someone’s life accidentally, and season 2 reminds viewers how she clumsily places herself in these unbearable situations.

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Devi has a way of ruining someone’s life accidentally, and season 2 reminds viewers how she clumsily places herself in these unbearable situations.

This recap of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 5, “… ruined someone’s life”, does not contain spoilers.

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One of the things we’ve learned about Devi is that she has a knack for self-destructing, mostly due to clumsy output. Episode 5 changes everything for Devi.

Episode 5 opens with Devi feeling frustrated to see Ben and Aneesa flirting with each other. She’s a little shell-shocked by the situation, and she realizes the flirting began the night before. When Devi speaks to Dr. Ryan, she realizes she got greedy, and she has feelings for Ben. Dr. Ryan thinks she needs to work on her stress so she doesn’t lose her s**t. Devi wants weed, but Dr. Ryan gives her techniques instead.

A cross country team

Fabiola states her mother has made chocolate brownies for Eve, but Eve is vegan. She’s frustrated that her mother keeps trying to be an LGBTQ ally, but it isn’t working. A teacher then approaches Devi about skipping PE and that she’s currently on a grade “F.” However, it can be bumped up if she does a charity 24-hour relay. She forms a team, and Aneesa states they should invite Ben, which irks Devi. Feeling angry, Devi listens to an old voicemail from her father to calm down.

The sexed-up relay

It suddenly hits Devi that the charity event is an excuse to hook up, making her even more panicked when she sees Ben and Aneesa.

Devi struggles with the relay, and Ben asks if she’s ever exercised before. Ben decides to help her with her cramp. She doesn’t understand why Ben is nice to her, but he states it’s a charity event. But then Ben continues flirting with Aneesa.

We can completely understand why Devi is confused. It’s almost like she’s in a new love triangle.

Avoiding mother

Eve has coincidentally introduced herself to Fabiola’s mother at the relay, and they don’t know who each other are. She asks Eve if she’d like to go somewhere more private to keep her away from her mother.

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C**k blocking

Paxton (in a sling from the time he was hit by a car) turns up at a relay as he wants to spend time with Devi, plus she promised to help him study. Devi gives the baton to Ben and tells him to go next to split him and Aneesa up. She does the same to Aneesa later on. She keeps doing it until they are both exhausted. Devi is implementing a masterclass c**k block.

Starting a rumor

As Devi does her final lap, she notices Ben and Aneesa about to go into the tent to hook up, and she wants to quickly finish it so she can stop them, so she cheats on the lap. When she gets back, she can’t find her phone. And then, suddenly, a girl mistakes Devi for Aneesa, and she accuses the girl of being racist. In anger, she says Aneesa is anorexic.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear — what have you done, Devi!

Aneesa is upset

When Devi sits down, Paxton rests his head on hers. As night turns to day, Devi sees Aneesa crying. Aneesa is upset that a rumor is going around about her having an eating disorder. She confirms it isn’t a rumor and that it’s true. It’s the reason she had to leave her last school, and this was a fresh start. Devi, realizing she spread this rumor unintentionally when angry, comforts her. She had no idea she was anorexic.

The ending of Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 5

Eventually, Fabiola has to come clean and reveals the woman is her mother to Eve. She explains she was embarrassed she would say something stupid. Eve tells her to make introductions. The mother and Eve get along well. Eve tells Fab that her mother is cool.

Devi learns she has a PE grade of “A” now, but she’s hardly bothered. As she leaves with her mother, Devi isn’t proud of what she’s done to Aneesa. She listens to her father’s voice mail to calm her down. At school, the rumor is spreading like wildfire. Aneesa is not in class, and then Devi is called into the Principal’s office. S**t!

Is Devi the unluckiest teenager of all time? What were the chances that Aneesa was actually anorexic? Once again, the series tackles important issues.

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  • Nalini goes to a game convention with her colleagues, and Kamala is shocked at how she is dressed. Devi calls this moment undignified.
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