Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 8 recap and breakdown She's literally pissing everyone off.



Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 8, “… pissed off everyone I know” sees Devi reach the peak of her issues as everyone turns against her.

This recap of Netflix series Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 8, “… pissed off everyone I know” contains significant spoilers.

How does Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 8, “… pissed off everyone I know” begin?

Well, not good for Devi. She decides to bail on her friends to help Paxton with the intention of helping on both sides.

Paxton’s sister needs help with a fashion shoot so Devi gets in front of the camera. Unfortunately, Fabiola tracks Devi and sees she is at Paxton’s house.

Oh dear… drama?

Well, before the drama ensues, Episode 8 celebrates the fact it is Ben’s birthday and unsurprisingly his parents need to go on a parent trip so cannot be with him.

Ben announces he is going to have a house party and anyone can come.

Devi approaches her friends and they are understandably upset with her. They have decided to go to the party without Devi and announce a break from her.

This is a big blow to our lead character who seems to be wallowing in a limited social life.

What happens at the party?

Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 8, “… pissed off everyone I know” puts Devi in an awful position where her mother tells her she cannot go to the party that everyone s attending. Her mother still goes out herself, though.

Devi’s luck changes when she catches Kamala hooking up with Steve secretly in her bedroom so she blackmails her so she can go to the party. She has to be back by 11.

At the party, she has no-one to talk to apart from Ben. She’s really impressed by Ben’s house, but he admits his life is lonely. Devi gives Ben a birthday present, and in the spur of a moment, Ben tries to kiss her but she rejects him. When she says “it’s cool” Ben tries again, making the situation weird, so she walks off.

We always knew Ben had a thing for Devi.

Anyway, to the drama party:

Ben tells Devi that Trent’s balls have been in the punch. Devi sees Fabiola about to drink the punch so stops her, but then all the punch goes over Fabiola’s outfit. Fabiola is annoyed, saying she’s sick of Devi “acting out”. Devi states it is not her fault her father died and Fabiola lands a clanger — “That’s not a free pass to treat us like crap”.

Fabiola claims Devi has lost herself trying to be popular all the time. Devi claims she isn’t lost and then ironically falls into the pool. Paxton helps her out.

How does Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 8, “… pissed off everyone I know” end?

Devi thanks Paxton for helping her with new sweats. Paxton offers to drive her home so she can be back by 11. On the drive home, there’s some tension between them. Paxton asks Devi if she’s okay when he parks up and then kisses her. She’s taken back by it all, but happy at the same time.

When she gets home, she sees her father in the kitchen. This must be in her head…

Other points

  • Devi and Paxton are now friends.
  • Devi speaks to her therapist about her best friends wanting a break from her. Therapist says her grief from her father is showing. She says she needs to show her sadness. Devi suggests getting a new therapist and she agrees.
  • Eve checks on Fabiola after the big fallout at the party.

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