Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 4 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 27, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 4 - ... felt super Indian


Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 4, “… felt super Indian” is a middling episode but it celebrates Indian culture and Devi’s conflict with “being Indian”.

This recap of Netflix series Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 4, “… felt super Indian” contains significant spoilers.

How does Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 4, “… felt super Indian” start?

It’s been a week since the coyote attack but Devi is worried about being friend-zoned by Paxton. But she hasn’t got time to worry about that as she has to dress up in Indian attire. It’s Ganesh Puja — a Hindu holiday. Her mother gives her the heads up about a college counselor named Ron who will be there who can help Devi get into the ivy league colleges.

What happens at Ganesh Puja?

The episode serves little in terms of progressing the story but it is a demonstration of celebrating Indian culture. At the Ganesh Puja event, they are approached by personally invasive aunties and when Kamala is introduced to them, she has a sinking feeling that she does not want an arranged marriage.

Devi doesn’t think of herself as “Indian Indian” and when she catches up with her friend Harish, he surprisingly tells her that she shouldn’t be embarrassed to be Indian.

I think that’s Devi’s issue — she doesn’t feel she can be American and Indian at the same time, but both cultures represent her.

Pandit Raj, the spiritual leader at the event does a chant to the group. Devi finds it hard to pray but the one wish she does have is that her father returns.

Pandit senses that Kamala does not want an arranged marriage.

And what about the college counselor Ron?

Devi finds Ron and she tries to recruit him by impressing him with test scores. Ron explains that ivy league colleges do not want an Indian try-hard and he raises how her father died at a concert; he explains that if she’s willing to talk about her father, she would get in. Devi is understandably angry at his comment and walks out.

Her mother has a go at Devi and states she is disappointed.

How is Kamala dealing with her conflicted feelings about marriage in episode 4?

Kamala speaks to another woman at the event who refused to go into an arranged marriage. She wishes she married the guy the family chose, because at least she wouldn’t be divorced.

I don’t think this piece of advice will help Kamala.

How does Never Have I Ever season 1, episode 4, “… felt super Indian” end?

Devi bumps into Paxton and she explains to him what Ganesh Puja is. Paxton points out that Devi has a temper and says “who cares what people think” and then claims she looks “cool” in the outfit.

Maybe Devi isn’t friend-zoned?

Episode 4 closes with Devi’s mother giving Pandit Raj a lift; he tells them the pain will subside as they are a good family.

Other points

  • A white family at a coffee shop asks Devi to take a photo with their little girl as she looks like Jasmine.

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