Hollywood season 1, episode 1 recap – what happened in “Hooray for Hollywood”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 1, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Hollywood season 1, episode 1 - Hooray for Hollywood


Hollywood season 1, episode 1, “Hooray for Hollywood” is a good opening episode, that is not only good drama, but there’s a real effort to depict the times.

This recap of Netflix series Hollywood season 1, episode 1, “Hooray for Hollywood” contains significant spoilers.

How does Hollywood season 1, episode 1, “Hooray for Hollywood” open up the Netflix series?

It opens up with one of the lead characters, Jack, watching the news in the cinema, and he is overawed by the prospect of making it in Hollywood. In the next scene, he heads to a busy studio, with loads of extras who are eager to get a role.

Jack is not picked by Ms. Roswell — he tries speaking to her through the gates, stating he is a veteran and he’d be perfect for a role as an extra. She simply replies, “You are a dime a dozen”.

The first episode is already showing how cold Hollywood can be, even in the earlier days.

What’s Jack’s life like?

He has a pregnant wife at home and he is unable to get a loan for a house due to his income. Jack is struggling to please his wife who is very unhappy with the lack of finances.

At a bar drowning his sorrows, a man named Ernie buys him a drink. Ernie initially talks about how big his c**k is and wants Jack to pump gas at his business because he’s an attractive person. Initially, Jack rejects Golden Tip Gas.

What forced Jack’s mind to change in episode 1?

Hollywood season 1, episode 1, “Hooray for Hollywood” brings a turning point in Jack’s life. The next day he gets rejected as an extra again and his wife complains that there’s no electricity and he’s “knocked her up”.

He takes a gamble and goes to Golden Tip Gas, which is secretly a male sex worker service for women who want to go to “Dreamland”. Initially, Jack is against the idea, until Ernie reminds him that he cheated once and discusses the type of woman. He’s then picked up by a woman who wants “Dreamland”.

So does Jack go through with it?

Indeed he does.

He spends time with the woman who used to also be in Hollywood in the silent pictures but claims she lost it due to the “talkies” and Hollywood not deeming her beautiful due to being Jewish. Both of them bond and she wonders why Jack wants to be in Hollywood. He states he wants to do something big and prove everyone wrong — that he isn’t just a handsome face.

Before they have sex, Jack asks the woman why she’s using a sex service; she describes how she’s gotten used to being rich and taken care of and her husband won’t touch her. A part of her wants to make her husband jealous and make him know that she’s desired.

I found this scene to be oddly sad; a woman so desperate to be loved.

Looks like Jack is into this sex worker gig.

Well, when he goes back to the gas station, Ernie gives him one more client and it is a man — Cole Porter. When Jack refuses to have sex with a man, Ernie says he should give the national treasure Cole Porter a lending hand. Ernie takes the money off Jack, so he quits.

How does Jack solve the money problem in Episode 1?

Jack dresses up as a police officer and heads to a secret gay theatre. He sees a couple of men giving each other blowjobs. He points a pretend gun at one of the men and asks him to leave with him.

Jack and this man head to a cafe and he asks the man to explain himself. The man states he came to Hollywood with dreams to be a writer, but the studio won’t take on a black man. When the man realizes Jack isn’t really a policeman, Jack tells him about the gas station. Jack introduces the man (Archie Coleman) to Ernie and they make a deal. Archie gets to work and sleeps with his first man as part of the business.

Archie and Jack sleep with many clients and build up their money. One woman Jack is sleeping with says she works in casting at the studio so the next day he goes to the extras casting outside the gate. The woman puts in a good word and he’s chosen for a film.

Later, when his wife comes home, he makes her a meal and celebrates. Jack tells his wife not to work anymore and shows her the money for a down payment on the house.

How does Hollywood season 1, episode 1, “Hooray for Hollywood” end?

Not good for Jack. He works again for Golden Tip Gas and he is arrested for solicitation.

This is a good opening episode, that is not only good drama, but there’s a real effort to depict the times.

Other points

  • When Jack goes to the doctors with his wife, they find out they are having twins and Jack faints.

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