Upload season 1, episode 7 recap – What happened in “Bring Your Dad to Work Day”? A tour of Lakeview.



Upload season 1, episode 7, “Bring Your Dad to Work Day” sees the conspiracy around Nathan’s death deepen and Nora’s father takes a tour of Lakeview.

This recap of Amazon Original series Upload season 1, episode 7, “Bring Your Dad to Work Day” contains significant spoilers.

How does Upload season 1, episode 7, “Bring Your Dad to Work Day” begin?

Nora explains to her supervisor that she accidentally fell asleep which is why she was laid outside with Nathan in Lakeview. Her supervisor lets her off but warns if she catches her again, she’ll knock down her rating.

Afterward, Nora plays chess with Nathan and teases how he got her in trouble. Nathan invites her to his suite for their next “date” but he says he may have to talk to Ingrid first. She reveals her father is having a tour at her work and wants to introduce them both.

And what is Ingrid up to?

Ingrid is the most confusing character as she flits from being an “okay” human being to a terrible one. She attends an “After Wives” group and confesses to kissing Nathan’s business partner, claiming it was a mistake. She states that he came round to her house looking for Nathan’s hard drive one night and then they had sex (so actually, more than kissing).

Ingrid then tells the other wives how she may potentially freeze Nathan so she can live her life — she starts listing the pros and cons and admits she is running out of money.

Yes, she’s a terrible human being.

Does Nora’s father enjoy Lakeview?

Well at first he freaks out and takes off the VR but he tries again and Nora introduces him to Nathan. Nora’s father then goes on a tour with Nathan around Lakeview. He’s still skeptical and confesses to believing in the afterlife.

The two bond quite well, with Nora’s father learning about Nathan’s upbringing.

Does Nora get closer to the truth?

She finds out more info but nothing concrete — Nora snoops on the supervisor’s computer and finds an email from Luddlyfe with proof that someone is selling Upload memories on the black market and that the company will be damaged if it goes public.

She continues to snoop for more info but then one of the servers blows up and the avatars at Lakeview look like oversized Pacmen — they turn back eventually but this was quite funny. Nora manages to download more data when the servers return and sneak out in time before the supervisor gets to her office.

How does Upload season 1, episode 7, “Bring Your Dad to Work Day” end?

Whatever Nathan said worked — Nora’s father puts in a good word for him but tells Nora that he wishes she met him when Nathan was alive. Her father also admits he still does not want to go into Upload. Nora asks him if he can say “hi” to mum for her.

Other points

  • Aleesha has lost one of her avatar hard drives.
  • Luke has sex with another avatar.
  • Nora learns that Josh Pitzer is now dead

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