When My Love Blooms episode 4 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 4, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 4


When My Love Blooms episode 4 demonstrates how complicated the situation is for both lead characters as they tackle opposing worlds.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 4 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 4 begin?

The riot continues and then it flashes back to May 1994; Han Jae Hyun sees a riot officer handle Yoon Ji Soo. In the present day, Han Jae Hyun looks over at Seo Gyeon, knowing this was her doing. The chairman asks Han Jae Hyun why he isn’t behaving how he used to.

The chairman senses Han Jae Hyun has changed and he’s absolutely right.

What happened when Yoon Ji Soo got arrested in May 1994?

A young Yoon Ji Soo is in the riot police van and then she has to answer questions at the station. Luckily, her father is the director of the prosecutor’s office. Outside of the station, he slaps her and Han Hae Hyn sees.

In the present-day, she’s in the police station again for protesting. Outside of the station, Han Jae Hyun wants an update on the situation from his assistant.

In May 1994 a young Han Jae Hyun tries looking for Yoon Ji Soo after seeing her father slap her. He hears her playing the piano outside her house and knows she’s okay. Yoon Ji Soon sees him outside and runs after him. They are becoming more intimate with each other.

Han Jae Hyun tells Yoon Ji Soo to not let anyone hurt her, even if it’s family. This scene is the first where they both show their feelings for each other.

Does Han Jae Hyun confront Seo Gyeon about the riot police?

Yes, and it’s evident that their marriage is on the rocks.

Seo Gyeon asks Han Jae Hyun why he has become so soft. He says there might be more changes so he can become happier. He wants to be more in line with his beliefs. Seo Gyeon is understandably confused and upset and tells Han Jae Hyun she has her eyes on Yoon Ji Soo as well.

Is the chairman also suspicious?

He doesn’t seem to be, or at least that’s how the episode is directed.

The chairman of the company asks Han Jae Hyun to transfer some finances due to a leak in the paper with the false name accounts. Han Jae Hyun believes Director Hwang Hak Su is involved but the chairman doesn’t believe it’s him. Han Jae Hyun says he will look into it.

The chairman also tells him to sort things out with his wife.

Who is Yeong Woo?

Han Jae Hyun learns that Yoon Ji Soo has been released from the station and sees a photo of her walking with another man — Yeong Woo. There’s a flashback to 1994 — Yeong Woo drunkenly asks Han Jae Hyun, with an emotional strain in his voice, when is he going to tell her he likes Yoon Ji Soo.

Yeong Woo gets upset claiming Yoon Ji Soo will never look at him in that way and then starts throwing up.

Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo go for a drink again…

They always seem to meet up and not agree on anything and When My Love Blooms episode 4 continues this theme.

Han Jae Hyun has a drink with Yoon Ji Soo and asks why she didn’t reapply for reinstatement. He discusses other positions for her and she wonders if he has offered this to anyone else.

The conversation then gets emotional and Yoon Ji Soo says that since meeting Han Jae Hyun again her heart has become heavy and he’s ruining the happy memories. Han Jae Hyun tells her she shouldn’t have left. They both trade words about love and separation and pain.

Yoon Ji Soo asks him to remember the good memories and she will do the same.

Each scene between them both feels heartbreaking.

What’s wrong with Yeong Min?

Han Jae Hyun offers Yeong Min a ride but as he walks outside he collapses. Han Hae Hyun takes him to the hospital — he has flu.

His father shows up and they have a brief argument and Han Jae Hyun leaves. Yoon Ji Soo shows up and her ex-husband states he is taking her son off her. The ex-husband’s mother walks in and slaps Yoon Ji Soo. Han Jae Hyun is outside watching, clenching his fists.

Yoon Ji Soo is getting some slaps in this episode.

Seo Gyeong confronts Han Jae Hyun again about his happiness.

Seo Gyeong asks Han Jae Hyun if she is the reason he isn’t happy and then tells him to stop talking and walks off. Later, she asks why he won’t go to the brand event with her. She states that she loves him and he can live the rest of his life apologizing to her.

It’s not going to be an easy ride for Han Jae Hyun if he decides to pursue a new relationship with Yoon Ji Soo.

What happens at the event?

Yoon Ji Soo is playing the piano with a mask on her face and a new outfit is given to her for this one-off event.

Seo Gyeong purposefully rings Han Jae Hyun near Yoon Ji Soo and then someone puts a glass of red wine on her piano and asks her to drink while playing and it spills on her dress. Seo Gyeong asks her to continue playing as the dress is 7 times her pay and she wishes she could take the mask off. Han Jae Hyun looks on apprehensively.

In a flashback, Han Hyun Jae apologizes for being late to an event and asks where her parents are. Yoon Ji Soo has taken his advice and says she won’t be seeing her parents again and shows him her bruised wrist.

In the present day, she takes off her mask and says she won’t be performing for such a tacky party that is only showing off money — she also says she’ll pay for the dress.

Han Jae Hyun meets an exhausted Yoon Ji Soo and he gives her his shoes. He apologizes as tears run down her face. She asks why is she the only one left to live the worst and not be happy.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 4 end?

The episode starts to close with a flashback of Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo enjoying a train ride and then heading to the beach — they kiss for the first time.

In the present day, they visit the same beach — Han Jae Hyun tells Yoon Ji Soo that he will be by her side and that she doesn’t have to suffer. He says he can’t turn his back on her and leave the memories:

“The answer was in our past.”

“To me, you were my dream.”

Yoon Ji Soo says it is a dream and he will wake up from it soon and then kisses him.

When My Love Blooms episode 4 demonstrates how complicated the situation is for both lead characters as they tackle opposing worlds.

Other Points

  • Han Jae Hyun says because of the Chairman he’s a celebrity for economic crimes.
  • Yoon Ji Soo gets a gig as a music teacher at an academy.
  • When Yoon Ji Soo meets her father in the care home he says hurtful words about her mother. In frustration, Yoon Ji Soo talks back and they both end up crying.
  • In a flashback, a young Yoon Joo Si sees Han Jae Hyun asleep so sits next to him and watches him. She falls asleep and he wakes up and watches her. They are falling in love with each other.
  • In another flashback, Yoon Joo Si’s father is embarrassed about his daughter considering music college. Yoon Joo Si asks if she can ever breathe in this house.

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