When My Love Blooms episode 5 recap and breakdown

May 10, 2020
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When My Love Blooms episode 5 demonstrates how the love between both lead characters in the present day is complicated and it’s likely to get worse before better.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 5 begin?

When My Love Blooms episode 5 continues to flesh out the fractured present and blossoming past between Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo.

It starts with the scene of Han Jae Hyun on the beach with Yoon Ji Soo where they kiss — she then suddenly wants to leave. A flashback shows them on the beach with their arms around each other; they were playful with each other, presenting simpler times.

In the present day, Han Jae Hyun states that he wants to protect her so she doesn’t cry again. Yoon Ji Soo reiterates that it’s just a dream that she’s awoken from.

Afterward, the Chairman of the company invites Han Jae Hyun over and asks if it is all sorted between him and his wife Seo Gyeon —  he makes a veiled threat and says the day he makes his kids upset is the day he leaves the house.

You can tell it is going to get super complicated.

Is Seo Gyeong still upset?

Yes, When My Love Blooms episode 5 demonstrates how much she seeks to disrupt matters and protect herself as a wife.

A drunk Seo Gyeong tells Han Jae Hyun that she was with another man but that their marriage makes them tied together so says there’s no point in taking it more seriously.

A flashback reveals that Han Jae Hyun confronted Yoon Ji Soo’s father.

In a flashback, Han Jae Hyun tells Yoon Ji Soo not to run away and speaks to her father himself and asks him why he treats her harshly. Han Jae Hyun then breaks down the role of a proper prosecutor and asks him to treat Yoon Ji Soo with warmth. I found this scene to be very brave.

The father tells Han Jae Hyun to leave and he never wants to see him again. Afterward, the father asks a department to look into him. In the present-day, Yoon Ji Soo tells her sleepy father she will not get back with him so he does not have to worry.

What happens when Yoon Ji Soo and Seo Gyeong meet?

It’s extremely tense.

Yoon Ji Soo meets Seo Gyeong about paying her back for the dress from the party the previous night. Seo Gyeong admits she had an affair first and Yoon Ji Soo should at least go to the extent she did as compensation and call it even — Seo Gyeong is playing a game here, it’s evident.

It’s easy to feel sorry for Yoon Ji Soo as she’s not exactly pursuing anything with Han Jae Hyun — she’s conflicted as he’s pursuing her.

Why is the cinema so far?

On his way back from the committee hearing, Han Jae Hyun notices that he is being followed and he asks his fellow director if he has noticed. Apparently, the car has been following them for a few days. Han Hae Hyun decides to go to the cinema.

And then it flits to October 1994 — Han Jae Hyun finds Yoon Ji Soo at the cinema; she tells him that no matter what happens, some people meet again. In a phonebox, they kiss while it rains outside.

In the present day, after he’s finished in the cinema, Seo Gyeong rings Han Jae Hyun and he suggests either she or her father have been following him. Han Jae Hyun then sees Yoon Ji Soo outside the cinema. It seems that both characters have memories with each other all over the city.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 5 end?

Back 1994 Han Jae Hyun messages Yoon Ji Soo via an old method via computer to talk and arrange to meet — they are first-love teenagers living the dream. Han Jae Hyun promises to buy her a guitar.

In the present day, Han Jae Hyun is thinking of playing the guitar again. He used to play when younger and teach Yoon Ji Soo. Han Jae Hyun grabs a guitar and visits Yoon Ji Soo’s house. He gives her a guitar outside of her house and states he was meant to buy one for her in the past. Han Jae Hyun says he also wanted to find an excuse to see her again.

Meanwhile, the ex-husband is spying outside in the car and takes photos of them both.

When My Love Blooms episode 5 demonstrates how the love between both lead characters in the present day is complicated and it’s likely to get worse before better.

Other Points

  • Yoon Ji Soo is fired from her piano gig.
  • At a committee an angry official questions the business and points out that Han Jae Hyun used to be a protestor for labor movements.
  • In a flashback, Han Jae Hyun is accused of bringing down their labor movement. He spins it on the accuser saying they have political motivations.
  • Yeong Woo meets Yoon Ji Soo as he’s worried about all the part-time jobs she’s doing.
  • Yeong Min has arrived at his grandmother’s house — she asks Yoon Ji Soo’s ex-husband if Yoon Ji Soo has a new man. The ex-husband doubts it but the grandma says she is pretty.
  • Yeong Min’s father asks what happened at the school. Yeong Min says he was the perpetrator and tells his father everything.

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